Podcasts We Love: Bon Appétit Foodcast

by Simona Terron
In the tenth part of our series on Podcasts We Love, we bring you the Bon Appétit Foodcast.

What is Bon Appetit?
The magazine with a print audience of 6.4 million, and almost as many monthly unique visitors to their website, Bon Appetit is a magazine that focuses on what’s current and stylish in the world of food and drinks, while still giving readers valuable cooking tools and tips. It celebrates everything to do with food trends, preparation and cultivation of food, profiles stalwarts and geniuses in the field, and even offers insights into the world of behind-the-scenes phenomena related to cooking in, dining out, culture, travel, entertainment, shopping and design, that would thrill any geek.

Why We Love This Podcast
What’s not to love? Food is such a wonderful topic that there can be no dearth of aspects to explore and learn new things about. The interviews stay authentic to the magazine’s style and are conducted with an equal amount of gravitas and irreverence, which makes them a delight to listen to. There’s no telling what fun anecdote or little tip from the chefs, writers, and well, anyone who has something cool to say about food, might completely alter the way you perceive the art of cooking and consuming good food.

Three of our fave episodes from this podcast:
  1. Episode 59: Bob Kramer, Knife Whisperer on May 5, 2016
    Bob Kramer is widely known in the restaurant world as the Yoda of knife making. And he wants you to know how to actually care for your knives. In this most recent episode, he shares tips every home cook should know. And later, you can learn all about vino from the magazine’s new contributing wine editor, Marissa A Ross, who makes the case for natural wine.
  2. Episode 50: We're Going Retro on March 2, 2016
    In this episode, the topic is about all that good stuff that defined the speakers’ childhoods. Food director, Carla Lalli, and Music and Test Kitchen editor, Claire Saffitz go deep on tuna casserole (and a fear of tuna casserole), chocolate mousse, meatloaf, and other staples of retro American comfort food. You can even get the recipes from this episode for Tuna Casserole with Dill and Potato Chips, Best-Ever Grilled Cheese Spaghetti alle Vongole, Twice-Baked Potatoes, BA's Best Beef-and-Bacon Meatloaf, and Dark Chocolate Mousse.
  3. Episode 44: Healthy-ish on January 14, 2016
    When your job involves tasting mozzarella sticks and pies all day like BA’s editors, you learn a few things about how to eat (mostly) healthy-ish the rest of the time. On this foodcast, their editors share how they balance cookies with kale. Something we all can learn a thing or two from.
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Image: kramerknives.com
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