Podcasts We Love: The Splendid Table

by Simona Terron
In part 9 of our series on Podcasts We Love, we bring you The Splendid Table.

What is The Splendid Table?
It is a seductive, informative and imaginative podcast brought to you by Lynne Rossetto Kasper. It explores the entangled relationships of all things culinary, cultural, and lifestyle related. Carrying listeners through a variety of discussions with passionate writers and personalities who share their rapt joy of food, this podcast is the kind that opens our eyes and minds to learning about something so intrinsic to our survival, food.

Why We Love This Podcast
Kasper’s voice is warm and lively and you can feel the smile in it, as she talks to her guests during the sometimes practical and at other times intellectual interviews; or when she’s dispensing excellent advice. She’s won numerous awards as a host of this podcast such as two James Beard Foundation Awards, five Clarion Awards and a Gracie Allen Award, has published multiple bestselling books. She has such a fan following that there’s even a tomato variety, a hybrid of Matt's Wild Cherry and Black Krim, named after her!

Three of our fave episodes from this podcast:
  1. Episode 573: It Gets Bitter on January 14, 2016
    Jennifer McLagan expounds on the beautiful complexity of bitter as a taste that is not appreciated as much as it deserves to be. We learn about the revival of Mangilica or Mangalitsa pigs that are curly-haired like sheep, which are reared for their delicious, high fat meat, and 90 percent of which are imported by Spain to make their superior, cured hams. Ray Isle shares his discovery of American wines, and how so many of them are surprisingly good. Jimi Yui talks about what goes into designing kitchens for top chefs like Mario Batali and Masuhara Morimoto, and likens it to designing a stage for a dance production because ‘chefs are artists.’ And finally she listens to travelling foodies, Jane and Michael Sterns gush about heartwarming breakfasts served in a rustic diner in Idaho.
  2. Episode 594: Dressing vs. Stuffing on November 19, 2015
    Donna Hay shares tips on how cooking can be easy, a principle she’s built almost her entire career on, while she divulges helpful advice on preparing Thanksgiving side dishes (watch out for her mouth-watering description of baked onions).  Then travelling foodies, Jane and Michael Sterns discuss traditional family faves and how America is divided into those who love dressing up their Thanksgiving turkey and those who swear by stuffing it. Vikas Khanna's memories take us back to his childhood in India, his arrival in New York and his recipe for a delicious Thanksgiving dessert that’s vegetarian. Adam Rapoport talks about the unspoken but highly appreciated etiquette of being a guest during Thanksgiving. 
  3. Episode 601: Brain Food on March 10, 2016
    In this episode, listen to Dr Drew Ramsey explain the concept of ‘nutritional psychiatry’ and the surprising effects of good food on the brain's health. There’s rumination on the phenomenon of incredible and unique Chinese food made in Mexicali restaurants by Chinese immigrants. Olia Hercules recalls memories of food she ate growing up in Ukraine, which upturn all the stereotypical ideas of what that cuisine must be all about.
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Image: thesplendidtable.com
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