Podcasts We Love: Alex Jamieson’s The Crave Cast

by Simona Terron

In this first of our series on Podcasts We Love, we bring you Alexandra Jamieson's The Crave Cast:

Who is Alex Jamieson?
Her name is Alexandra, but she prefers to go by Alex. Remember that shocking documentary Super Size Me where a dude called Morgan Spurlock ate only McDonald’s burgers and fries for a whole month? When his personal experiment resulted in his weight ballooning, his blood pressure and cholesterol levels shooting through the roof, and he began experiencing liver damage, it was his then-wife Alex who helped him restore his body to health. That's the same Alex.

Since then, Alex has documented her own personal journey extensively on her website and as a published author. She has battled health issues and helped to heal them through nutritional and dietary changes; she has gotten divorced and is raising a child as a single mom; she has found love again and, most importantly, learned to truly listen to her body’s needs along the way.

Her story has not always been expected, for example she caused quite a stir among her followers when, after years of being a vociferous vegan, advocating the lifestyle to paying clients and inspiring followers to adopt the vegan lifestyle, she decided to start eating meat again.

Why We Love Her Podcast
She calls her listeners the Clan of the Crave Bears and focuses on the relationship between our bodies and minds, and how that connection actually impacts the lives of others as well. Calling cravings ‘messages from our body’, she advocates listening to our inner voice and being in tune with our needs instead of fighting them. Always featuring interesting people who have something intelligent to say in the same vein but exploring different angles, her podcast is definitely on our ‘favorites’ tab.

Three of our fave episodes from her podcast:

  1. 72 Secrets of Pleasurable Weight Loss with Jena la Flamme
    Here, Alex chats with Jena about her approach to weight loss and why there’s no need for shame and judgment, certainly not when pleasure is a biological requirement that helps our body get where we want it to go.
  2. 69 Curb Your Cravings with JJ Virgin
    In this episode, Alex discusses the “Virgin Diet,” which deals with sugar cravings. In fact JJ says, “If there was a drug that did the things sugar does, it would be outlawed.” They also chat about our attraction to unhealthy food, food intolerance, why you should not eat every 2 to 3 hours, and the art of learning why and how to swap food.
  3. 67 Women’s Sexual Health: She Comes First with Ian Kerner
    She dives headlong into the discussion with Ian who is a sex therapist and author of the New York Times bestseller, She Comes First. They focus a lot on how it’s hard to grow up with a healthy sense of sexual self in this culture, and when sex is dangerous, food becomes our safe sex, and we just can’t win. They expand on topics such as intercourse discourse, where the “ick factor” surrounding female genitalia comes from, and the importance of communication around sex. Ian says, “It really comes back to the fact that men and women, partners, don’t really communicate too well about sex.”

Images: Alex Jamieson's Facebook page

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