Podcasts We Love: The Moth

by Simona Terron
In this sixth part of our series on Podcasts We Love, we bring you The Moth.

What is The Moth?
The Moth is an acclaimed non-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. Its shows are renowned for the great range of human and social experiences they showcase. Each week, The Moth podcast features the best of the stories told live from Moth stages across the country and delivers them in this beautiful radio program.


Why We Love This Podcast
Who doesn’t love a good story? The Moth offers something wonderful and unique, celebrating the oral tradition of storytelling in a cool new format. Its emotional content is beautifully varied and the best part is that the hosts don't get in the way of the story tellers who always seem so composed despite some of them never having spoken in front of a live audience. If you can’t make it to the exciting and always energizing events, you can listen to the podcasts and enjoy stories that vary from humorous to poignant, never knowing quite what to expect. Great for easy listening while commuting, cooking or working out.


Three of our fave episodes from this podcast:
  1. The Moth Radio Hour: Three Chefs and a Meal on Feb 22, 2016
This is a special hour that's all about FOOD and features stories from the farm AND the table. You'll discover Chris Fischer, the son of a farmer who leaves Chilmark and travels the world to eventually becoming a successful chef. He returns home to start his own restaurant and serves the Obamas. Next, there’s a story about how the challenges of opening a restaurant overtake chef Evan Kleiman's life, and how a piece of tomato nearly kills her! Roy Choi, fresh out of culinary school, learns about cooking in an unexpected place and comes to respect the act of the taking of an animal’s life to nourish our own bodies. A nervous but eager Abhishek Shah finally lands a job interview after graduation. Having practiced and prepared for any situation, he did not anticipate having to "do" sushi.
  1. The Moth Radio Hour: Women in the World on Mar 8, 2016
This is a special episode featuring stories from women around the world. You will hear the pain and resulting fierce independence of Katie Smith, who was abandoned by her parents at age 9; the strict professor, Catherine Palmer, who talks about finding love when her computer crashed as a PhD student; Cal Wilson, who is inspired by her 5-year-old to finally take swimming lessons; Liz Allen, who shares how she coped with life after losing everything to a house fire; Kusum Thapa, who stands up to bullies in her fight as a doctor in Nepal who advocates for victims of sexual abuse; and finally, a fiercely independent octogenarian, Beverly Engelman, learns about the joy of accepting help from strangers after a stroke.
  1. The Moth Radio Hour: Live from Dublin on Mar 22, 2016
This is a special live edition of The Moth in Dublin at Liberty Hall. A young woman, Sinéad Burke decides if she wants the surgery that might give her a few extra inches of height; a Fulbright Scholar, Anne Driscoll, confronts a bike thief on the streets of Dublin; and Tomas Reichental recalls entering the concentration camp of Bergen Belsen as a nine-year old boy.

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Image: Shutterstock and The  Moth’s Facebook page
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