A Quick Fix For Peace Of Mind & Smooth Bowel Movement

by Simona Terron

A feeling of wellbeing depends on so many factors: your emotional balance, mental make-up, productivity at work, healthy relationships with friends and family, and calm and tranquil surroundings. But nothing can upset the apple cart as easily as physical issues that crop up every now and then, the main ones having to do with the digestive and elimination processes. Most of these bodily conditions can be annoying and embarrassing such as flatulence, bloating and constipation, which is why it’s so essential to have good bowel movements that are reliably regular.

And seeing as this is so crucial for peace of mind, people are forever on the lookout for products and solutions that help them achieve this easily. While maintaining a fiber-rich diet, ensuring you adhere to the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables that meet your ideal nutritional requirements and staying away from harmful substances is all good, what about the daily task of elimination? Let’s not mince words here; we’re talking about the actual process of going potty.

Pooping has long been a taboo topic even though we all do it and it’s part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle. Being unable to evacuate your bowels satisfactorily can lead to all sorts of health issues in the long run but it can have devastating effects on your peace of mind and personality even immediately. It’s no joke that cranky, irritable and repressed people are often referred to as emotionally constipated or too “anal” in their approach to life. Unless you wish to join their ranks, perhaps it’s time to pay attention. Here’s a hilarious product designed to help you eliminate waste in a way that’s efficient and painless. The principle is simple: when you’re on the pot, just squat.

Now watch the video, and try not to laugh so hard that you soil yourself:

Image: Shutterstock

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