3 Big Ways Our New Show 'Conquered' Will Change Your Life

by Shahrzad Warkentin

Being paralyzed overnight transformed athlete Mia Schaikewitz’s life and it will transform yours too. For Mia, and the amazing people featured in Z Living’s new series POPSUGAR Presents: Conquered, facing challenges like blindness, paralysis, and breast cancer has completely changed their lives. These incredible stories of courage will do more than just make you smile... and even shed a few tears.

Watch a clip of Mia Schaikewitz's episode above.

These stories will shift the way you approach conquering your own challenges and make the impossible seem possible. Conquered premieres March 28, only on Z Living. Find out when you can watch the show and where to tune in.  

Conquered will take you along for the ride on some awe-inspiring journeys as you watch the stories of people overcoming adversity. You will be moved, motivated, and forever changed for the better. Here's just a few reasons why:

Positivity Is Catching.

Research has shown that emotions can literally be contagious. After watching the remarkable stories of people overcoming some of life’s greatest obstacles, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of positivity. When you watch Paulette Leaphart’s journey walking from Biloxi, MS to Washington DC to raise awareness about breast cancer it’s impossible not to feel her hope and sense of accomplishment. Stories like hers will leave you empowered with a feeling of positivity you can use to tackle your own challenges. Watch a clip of Paulette's episode here.

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Your Perspective On How To Overcome Challenges Will Completely Change.

As you watch Daniel Kish describe how his “echolocation” technique helps him see the world around him despite being blind, you can't help but see the world in a new way yourself. Learning about the tremendous obstacles that others have faced will give you a new perspective on your own challenges and help open your eyes to different ways of conquering them. What once seemed impossible will feel achievable in light of what these stories have shown you. Watch a clip of Daniel's episode here.

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These Stories Will Become Part Of Your Own Journey.

Conquered features the kind of remarkable stories that stay with you long after the episode is over. That feeling of elation and motivation won't just slip away as you change the channel. Instead, it will only grow stronger, feeding your will to fight your own obstacles. You won't be able to forget how these stories make you feel because, as they inspire you, they will become a part of your own journey.

Catch Conquered only on Z Living. Find out where you can watch the show.  

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