This Eco Friendly Urn Promises a Tree Rebirth

by Z Living Staff
A new company has found a way to transform you into a tree after you die.

The special urn is filled with not only your ashes, but also with seedlings, which grow into a tree. As the roots spread and the tree grows, the special urn decomposes, integrating your remains into the soil and continuing the circle of life.

According to the video, creator Roger Moline, believes that his Bios urns are a perfect solution to cemeteries, which, in his opinion, is an inefficient use of space. By transforming the way we celebrate death into a living, breathing work of nature, we integrate those who have gone before us into our lives, he says. It’s quite a different philosophy than sequestering the dead in a cemetery.

With caskets costing thousands of dollars, this eco-friendly option can be purchased for only $550 and even includes a “smart” pot that tells you via an app when the tree needs watering.

There is something positively mythological about dying and being reborn as a maple, sequoia, or a great redwood. We would absolutely love to see this take off. With the Bios Urn, a loved one can comfort and protect you long after they’ve gone.

Would you ever get this? Let us know in the comments.
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