How To Reset Yourself For Success All Day Long

by Emma Bathie

While we can’t control what comes towards us in life, we can control how we react and respond to it. We can also pre-pave the kind of day we want by breaking it up in chunks or segments and project onto it the kind of energy we want to experience. Doing so helps shape our reality, because wherever we place our attention, energy follows. 

Many of us find it hard to believe that we can manifest our desires at will. But the truth is we are all manifesting our reality all day long, whether we realize it or not… and Neo from The Matrix, who is able to bend reality at will, is not as fictional as he first sounds. 

But I get it. When you’re just starting to play with your thoughts to create the reality you want, it can feel too hard to begin declaring  “I will or It will…” about your life, and believe the thing you want, or the way you want your life to look, will manifest anytime soon. So I want to introduce you to something that will help. Segment intending is the introductory stepping-stone that will get you on your way and help you reset yourself for success all day long.

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So what is "Segment Intending"?

Segment intending is deciding to divide your day into recognizable intervals and consciously set different intentions for each segment. For example, when you first wake up in the morning, you are in the “awake but still in bed segment”. Then you move into the “getting ready for my day segment”, which could include journaling and/or meditating, showering, dressing, perhaps juicing and/or making breakfast. Then it might be the “commute to work” segment. Then, within your work-day, there could be different segments – such as “team meeting," “talking to customers," “lunch with friends." Or “getting the kids off to school," “cleaning the house," “bill paying," “kids activities."

Each segment of the day has a different purpose and the idea is to briefly state your intentions at the beginning of each segment. For example, for “sleeping at night," you might set your intention to have your body refreshed and restored, have wonderful dreams where perhaps you receive inner guidance on what your life purpose is, if that’s something you’ve been struggling to get clear on. This segment will obviously hold different intentions compared to your “commute home from work” segment, which you might want to be safe, quick, fun and uplifting.

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It's All About Imaging Your Best Intentions Coming True

The trick is to intend each segment in a light and playful way by turning it into the “What if it all goes right” game. For example, imagine you’ve got an early morning appointment and you’re worried about being late because of traffic. Decide to play the “What if it all goes right” game and see yourself in your mind’s eye get into your car 10 mins earlier tomorrow, feel your car purring into gear immediately, see yourself pulling out into little or no traffic, the lights continuing to flow green the whole way, your favorite songs playing on the radio and you reaching your appointment with time to spare.The more you play at and practice segment intending the more you’ll discover your segments conforming to your intentions. Sometimes it will take a few conscious intentions to overcome the inertia of, say, years of complaining about your work commute. But with a little time your experiences will start to shift in the direction you desire them to be. 

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Practice Makes Perfect

As you practice, look for evidence that a shift in the right direction is occurring and celebrate even the smallest, more on target event. The more you look, the more positive and high-vibrational experiences you will find yourself having.

Segment intending is a particularly great ritual to practice for each segment of your day when you feel like there’s too much to do. By breaking up your day into segments, or bite-sized chunks, you immediately get yourself out of overwhelm, into your flow and reset yourself for success all day long.

Try it! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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