How To Shift Your Energy In 60 Seconds

by Dani Katz
Even though our emotions are healthy and human, they can be downright inconvenient.

For example, it’s great that you’re able to fully experience the rage, envy and sadness your sister so consistently triggers within you, but you don’t necessarily want to be wallowing in those shadowy waters while you’re stepping in for a job interview or meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.

We are wise to learn how to wrangle our own energy: to know it and to name it (i.e. I’m tense and irritable); to learn how to meter it out (i.e. I’m depleted, I think I’ll stay in, and replenish); and figure out how to shift it so that we are in alignment with our environment. 

Here’s how you can shift your energy in 60 seconds.

Earth Embrace

Ever felt anxious? Like your chest is filled with a thousand tap-dancing scorpions, it’s raining knives and the carpet somehow morphed into quicksand? Yeah…been there.

We see these momentary bouts of emotional weather as excellent opportunities to connect with the nurturing energy of Mother Earth.

​Sometimes this means wrapping our arms around a giant tree trunk. Sometimes it means kicking off our shoes and planting our feet in the grass while imagining the energy of the earth climbing up our feet and our legs.

Other times it means lying flat on our backs in the middle of the living room or the nursery or the office, connecting to the ground beneath our shoulder blades and our skulls, and allowing ourselves to trust the earth beneath us, in order to surrender our neuroses to her unconditionally loving maternal embrace. Toss in a few slow, deep belly breaths, and we’re golden.

Take Three Deep Breaths

When it comes to shifting our energy, our breath is our best friend. The breath occupies a very special position in the (totally nonexistent) hierarchy of bodily functions in that it’s totally involuntary, and yet, we can regulate it as we choose. 

Our state of mind is inextricably bound to the quality of our breath – quick, shallow breaths indicate a frenzied, angst-riddled mind; while long, slow, deep breaths portend a general sense of ease and calm. The beauty of this connection is that we can control our breath whenever we want to (unless, of course, we’re playing racquetball nine thousand feet above sea level, but you get the generalized gist, don’t you?). 

And so it is that we are fans of the three deep breaths technique, especially when we’re feeling reactive, pissed off or overwhelmed. The key here is to notice when we’re feeling ungrounded and emotional, and to give ourselves a timeout, during which we take three big breaths into our lower bellies.

We’re not talking delicate girly breaths, here; we’re talking massive grizzly bear breaths, wherein we inhale as much air as possible into our bellies, allowing them to puff out as far as they can (bare midriffs and vanity be damned), and then exhale it all through a wide open mouth, complete with exaggerated sighing noise and maybe even some errant spittle – whatever it takes to loosen up those shadows, and breath our way back into our centers.

Sooth Yourself With Rose Water, Jasmine Oil & Lavender Blossoms

lavenderScent is a fabulous way to shift your energy, and fast.  Frankincense and rosemary are both known to perk up the brain, and improve neurological functioning.

Lavender, lemon and chamomile calm the agitated mind, and promote inner peace; while rose, orange and peppermint lift the spirits. And while it’s super fun to map your neighborhood greenery so that you can nab a fresh sprig of rosemary on your way home.

In fact, it’s probably also wise to fill in your energy-shifting apothecary with essential oils, blends and sprays you can reach for in a pinch. 


Counter-intuitive though it may be, sometimes the simple act of lifting the corners of our mouth into the shape of a smile is enough to lift our spirits. Other times, the mere suggestion is insulting. Still, we never know until we try. 


Easily maligned as so much New Age mumbo jumbo, crystals make for excellent energy shifting tools. Whether we believe it or not, crystals are encoded with patterns that support healing and transformation.

For the sensitive soul, simply clutching a piece of rose quartz is enough to calm the racing mind, and to restore a sense of peace and well-being to the otherwise overtaxed nervous system.

Stones like hematite, ruby and tourmaline can help those prone to feeling flighty and ungrounded centered and steady.

There’s pretty much a crystal for every human emotion known to man. Investigate as inspired.

Ye Olde Jumping Jacks

Sometimes we’re feeling mellow and chill when the occasion calls for us to be energized and alert. Before reaching for the caffeine, try getting the ol’ blood pumping by performing twenty-one jumping jacks. Why twenty-one? Well, ten feels like a tease, and thirty feels excessive, while threatening to inspire perspiration, when all we’re really looking to do is shift our energy, not squeeze in a whole cardio workout. But, feel free to do as many as you need to get some fresh oxygen pumping through your system, while not hyperventilating too much.  

Photo Source: Moon Tide Jewellery

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