A Spotify Playlist For Your Next Big Road Trip

by Z Living Editors
Good Tunes obviously are among the most important things you absolutely must have in order to embark on the road trip of your dreams. We’ve gotten you started by compiling a playlist filled with everything from hit-the-road classics to a few wanderlust-y songs you may have never heard before, and here’s everything else you should toss in the car before you drive off into the sunset:
A Buddy Riding Shotgun
Unless you’re in the mood for alone-time as the miles roll by (and we definitely do recommend solo travel), get a friend to fill your passenger seat.  Not only can a road trip be a much more entertaining trip with a buddy by your side, this is the person who’s gonna have your back when you admit you’re lost.
Healthy Snacks At Your Fingers
Driving’s hungry work, and food runs at gas stations and visitor’s centers tend to be of the sugary-salty variety. Try some of Z Living’s heart-healthy snack ideas. And don’t forget to bring a few bottles of water, too.
A Paper Map, Stashed in the Glove Compartment
Google Maps on your phone is fantastic…until you head into the hills and lose service. You may never need it, but let a trusty paper map or road atlas be your backup. If anything, it'll make a charming souvenir. 
Podcasts or Audiobooks, In Addition to Music
Good tunes are a necessity — see our playlist for inspiration — but podcasts and audiobooks also offer variety and help curb highway-hypnosis. Download “The Tim Ferriss Show,” where world-class athletes (among other top performers) regularly share their secrets, or self-improve as you drive with a listen to Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and It’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson.
A General Plan (But Not An Overly Detailed Plan)
Yes, trace out your route to get an idea of how long you’ll spend behind the wheel. Yes, call ahead to the hotel, campsite, or Airbnb where you’ll crash. But don’t plan such a tight schedule that you miss the opportunity to try the charming roadside restaurant you just zoomed past, or to explore a narrow country road just to see what lies beyond the bend.

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