Taylor Swift Answers 73 Questions for Vogue, Here's What We Learned

by Z Living Staff

This might come as news to you, but it’s been well-known for awhile that Taylor Swift has a thing for cats. To say she “has a thing” doesn’t quite cover it. In a recent Vogue video, Ms. Swift took part in the well-known “73 Questions” series and revealed that she has a room with 10 cats.

So, okay, we have to admit that only one of the cats was real. The remaining 9 were used as decoration all over her living room. Beyond the room dedicated to her feline friends, TS has some other surprises that we noticed while watching. See if you can spot the Video Music Award between the THREE coffeemakers in her kitchen. That’s a lot of caffeine!

Like we said, she goes onto to answer 73 questions, so there’s a lot of great stuff in there, including her signature Taylor Swift style and hints about what she’s going to wear to the MET Gala, her favorite song lyrics, how she deals with the haters, and some of her favorite simple pleasures. For sure, though, our favorite question was this:

“What is the best gift you’ve ever received?”

Her answer? An olive tree that her boyfriend Calvin Harris planted in her yard for Christmas. When you travel the world for work, being able to come home to a relaxing space is Uber important.

Watch the whole thing here.

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