Living The Gloriously Simple Life At Yonderway Farm

by Simona Terron
Living close to nature and being one with it, waking up early, working yourself to the bone to grow real food with love and attention to detail, working with the community in a spirit of cooperation and gratitude, teaching your children the joy of being harmonious with the elements, being a strong and loving role model to impressionable young women and expressing your undying affection for your loved ones publicly?

Farmer Jason is about all this and more. At his farm in Texas, called Yonderway Farm, with his wife Lynsey and his 4 daughters, he raises grass-fed cows and lambs, pasture-raised pigs and chickens, and grows organic produce sustainably, without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetics or chemicals of any kind.

Together, they follow farming practices that not just heal the earth but provide for and nourish the community they live in. Having set up the place in 2006, after Jason and his family moved to the country in search of a simpler life that was more connected to nature and their food, they worked hard to make this place what it stands for today: the closest thing to living a peaceful, happy and satisfyingly productive lifestyle.

Check out their Instagram account where countless examples of happy, cared for animals live with the family, the little girls hanging out with the lambs, piglets, puppies and kittens helping out Jason and his wife do the immense hard work that goes into maintaining and running the place.

If you don’t melt after watching pigs chilling in the mud, piglets sleeping with dogs and cats sleeping with lambs, little animals being born and bottle fed or just running around for sheer joy, just read the adorable declarations of love this articulate and intelligent man makes in tribute to his wife and his daughters; his tributes of gratitude to his customers and the community he serves and which supports him; and also, his constant appreciation and respect for how lucky he is to be able to make the choices he has in his life. It’s gonna make you weep and smile at the same time, we promise you.

Inspiring? Totally. We need more people like him around. More power to Yonderway, and to Jason, the original and unique Mr-5-chicks-and-a farmer.

Images: Yonderway’s Instagram page
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