America's Most Stressed Out States (And How To Relax, Already!)

by Brandon Topp

Sorry Alabama, a recent study just called you the most stressed-out state in the nation. WalletHub's new study ranks all 50 of the United States from least stressed (Minnesota) to stressed out (Alabama). But don't worry, we've got some solutions that, no matter where your state falls on the list (here's the complete list), will help you calm down, relax, and de-stress.

For example, one of the oldest and most proven stress relievers is practicing yoga. Check out our popular at-home workout show Namaste Yoga, for follow-along routines shot in gorgeous natural locations around the world. Learn more about the show and watch clips here, plus find out where you can tune in.

Here's How State-By-State Stress Levels Were Determined:

The stress study looked at data on our country, and how different people suffer from key categories like family-related stress, health-related stress, work-related stress, and money-related stress. In general, the study concluded that the country is more stressed this year, due to increased political tension and instability, than last year, when stress was at its lowest in a decade

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So Which States Are The Most Stressed? 

Alabama is the most stressed-out state in the United States, followed in order by Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Why does Alabama top the list? Per capita, the southern state has the fewest psychologists, its denizens get the least number of hours of sleep per night, and by region it has the highest number of people with poor health. This piece from The Hill also looks at stressed out third-place Mississippi, and points out that its residents have the lowest access to medical care in the country, as well as high rates of obesity, and physical inactivity. 

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And Which States Are The Least Stressed? 

Minnesota is the least stressed-out state in the United States, followed in order by North Dakota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Utah. One interesting thing about the relaxed Upper Midwest is that clearly cold weather is not freaking people out too much. This piece from City Pages also points out that Minnesota ranks among the country’s top percentage of residents in good health, number of psychologists, and number of hours of sleep per night. 

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3 Easy Ways To Relieve Stress (No Matter Where You Live!)

1. Try Therapy.

On opposite ends of the stress spectrum, Alabama and Minnesota are also on opposite ends of the psychologists-per-capita spectrum. Therapists in general specialize in helping people deal with life’s many stresses, so they’re worth seeking out when your emotions get out of control. Any stigma you might see with it is an illusion. 

2. Get Some More Sleep!

The most stressed states in the country are statistically getting less sleep than the more relaxed ones. We all have our reasons for late nights, whether it be work, family, or even stress itself that’s keeping you awake. Still though, sleep is clearly important, and if you’re short on it, it’s worthwhile to reevaluate things and work towards a place where you can get that recommended eight hours

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3. Start Practicing Yoga.

Each of the most-stressed states in the country suffer from obesity, and physical inactivity. A regular yoga routine will help battle both those threats. Additionally, yoga is a natural stress reliever that can help with weight loss, pain, depression, allergies, and blood pressure.

For some help getting into your routine and relieving stress, check out Namaste Yoga, only on Z Living. Learn more about the show and watch clips here, plus find out where you can tune in.

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