How To Trust Yourself & Listen To Your Intuition

by Emma Bathie

Perhaps you’ve been hurt by that same person, again, when your intuition told you not to trust. Or you’ve talked yourself out of doing something that’s been a deep desire for as long as you can remember, under the guise of “I should be grateful for what I already have”.

intuitionEvery time we deny our truth or choose to not trust ourselves, we are denying our own souls. If you think that doesn’t come with negative side effects, well, think again. What if I told you there’s something you can learn that allows you to easily tap into your intuition – your inner knowing self – and  to trust the signals your body readily gives you?

Start off practicing with the small stuff, like “Should I eat this for dinner?” or “Should I go to that movie?” If you can learn to listen to your intuition you’ll find later you can make big decisions quickly without second guessing yourself.

Well, here’s something that has become one of my go-to coaching tools, as taught by the gorgeous Elizabeth DiAlto in her best selling book: Untame Yourself – Reconnect to the Lost Art, Power, and Freedom of Being a Woman.

Like Elizabeth, I believe our soul communicates with us through our body’s unique language of sensations. This means that whenever we have a question we are grappling with, we all have the ability to tap into our body and feel the answer we already have inside ourselves.

One way of tapping into our intuition is with this Yes-No Practice.

Step 1: Begin by sitting or standing comfortably with your eyes closed.

Take several deep breaths in, allowing them to fill you up and connect you to your own inner wisdom. Allow your heart and belly to expand.

As you exhale imagine releasing any lack of clarity. Let go of any mental noise or chatter or other people’s opinions. Release their grip on you and allow your body to soften.

Step 2: Call to mind the question you want your body’s feedback on. 

Place one or both hands on your heart and repeat out loud:

“I have the answer. I have the answer. I have the answer.”

Then repeat out loud:

“It is safe for me to trust myself. It is safe for me to trust myself. It is safe for me to trust myself.”

Step 3: Now state the question you want your body’s feedback to as an affirmative statement.

For example, if you are considering whether or not to travel solo for your vacation this summer, say out loud:

“I am travelling solo this summer,” and feel into how your body reacts to that.

Repeat the statement a few times. Pause. Take note of how the words feel landing in your body:


Usually after running an affirmative version of your statement through your body, you’ll already know your answer.

If you don’t feel clear enough, run the negative version of the statement through your body (in this example: I am NOT travelling solo this summer) and notice how that feels.

I encourage you start practicing this ritual on small decisions. Go with the answers your body provides without second guessing them. By doing this and seeing that things work out, you’ll build the confidence you need to begin using it on bigger decisions such as: Should I take this job? Buy this apartment? Or marry this person?

So what are you waiting for? Indecision be gone! Here’s to no more getting caught up in your head and over-analyzing the things your body and intuition clearly know.

Now we’d love to hear from you. Have you tried this practice or something similar? If so, what were your results? Let us know in the comments section below – perhaps it’s just the thing that makes someone else’s day that much lighter.

Emma Bathie is a Soul Happiness Coach. Learn more about her work and how to create more of life's magic HERE.

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