Laugh More, Stress Less With These Funny Ladies

by Veronica Zaretski
This year, we have more reasons than ever to celebrate funny women. Hilarious women are in films, TV, and on stages across the country. They share sharp observations about our world, while making us clutch our stomachs from laughing too hard.
At times they address the mundane, and other times they explore difficult topics. But they often give us a cathartic release when existential malaise creeps in.
If a tried and tested remedy for getting through a bad day is talking and laughing with a good friend, you may want to go know these badass ladies.
For an honest and smart performance filled with surprises, check out Chelsea Peretti. The writer and performer has been honing her skills in shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Recreation.

Peretti is great at bringing to life blindly egotistical characters like Gina in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Her stand-up performances are tinged with a good dose of self-deprecation. Her material has been called both confident and insecure, and it’s that element of honesty that makes her endearing and relatable.

We live in a time in which information can be found at our fingertips. The same is true for comedy. Enter YouTube superstar Super Woman, aka Lilly Singh.

If you feel like you have a short attention span, give Super Woman a try. With her unrelenting pace and rapid depiction of multiple characters, you’ll get swept up in her comedic bits on relationships, families and growing up.
A Trip to Unicorn Island is the name of her stage show and documentary, and a synonym for her happy place. ‘It’s a really beautiful message: that happiness is one of the hardest things you’ll ever fight for,” she told Vogue in an interview earlier this year.  This animated, energetic comedian has become an online phenomenon seemingly overnight. Perhaps that’s why her comedy is powerful – Singh’s humor is rooted in a nuanced appreciation for joy.
Tackling sexuality and gender politics, and taking down the house while she’s at it, is Cameron Esposito. Save this comedy gem for days when you feel fed up with nonsense. Esposito frequently exposes the absurd in social interactions, and is skilled at exploring difficult issues with intelligence and positivity.

She is also a master at creating safe spaces to talk about women’s bodies and sexuality, and gets bonus points for starring in a segment called “She Said” in Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls project.
Ever wanted to live vicariously through someone who leads an uninhibited existence? You’ll come close to doing that with Broad City. If you still haven’t heard about Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the outrageously funny women behind the show, you may have been living under a rock. Or without Internet access, which may very well be interchangeable today.
It’s best to enjoy this show after a long, tedious day, with a glass of wine or whatever else is your fancy.  I discovered Broad City when a close friend told me that I absolutely should start watching it – yesterday. In the oft-quoted words of Glazer’s character: "Yas queen”.
There are plenty of relatable moments, and lots of scenes that defy gender norms and expectations, but the best part is that at the heart of Broad City is a resilient friendship between two women. Both are a bit messy, but they never mess with each other.
The show gets bonus points for featuring the very talented cast of Hannibal Buress, Arturo Castro, Paul P Downs, as well as various guest stars like Tracee Ellis Ross, Tony Costanza, and Hillary Clinton.
The good news? You can find the work of all of these brilliant comedy goddesses online. Smart and observant about life’s troubles, you can turn to them for serious laugh therapy. So next time you’re feeling deflated, carve out a little me-time and catch-up with your new onscreen besties.
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