How To Turn The Direction Of Your Life Around, Fast

by Emma Bathie
We all have the odd bad day when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and just know the rest of the day is going to go from bad to worse if we don’t do something about it. For those times I’m all about the process I share in this article: How Do I Get Myself Out of A Funk, ASAP? But what about when you haven’t caught yourself out of that downward spiral and that one funky day has turned into weeks or months? How do you turn the direction of your life around when you feel like you’ve lost your way?

Think of being in flow with a fast moving stream.

Begin by imagining you’re in a canoe on a fast moving stream, and that when life feels good you are clearly focused on what you want and what makes your soul smile. When you do that, you’re happily in flow with the stream. You don’t have to paddle your oars and the stream easily and joyfully takes you to your downstream destination. This is what happens when you’re in vibrational alignment with what you want.

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Now imagine paddling against that stream.

When you’re focused on what you don’t want, instead of what it is you do desire, you’re paddling upstream. You’re constantly fighting against the current and you feel more and more exhausted and misaligned. Life feels hard. The struggle of paddling upstream is what happens when we’re not in vibrational alignment with what we want.

So how can you learn to let go of the oars and get back into the feel-good flow of life?

To close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, decide to consciously focus on what you do want, why you want it, and how you want to feel in each waking moment.

Whenever you feel contrast, ask yourself these 3 questions:
  1. What DO I want?
  2. WHY do I want it?
  3. How DO I want to feel?
When you practice putting the focus back on what you DO want, a palpable shift takes place. When you take your focus off what you don’t want and move it back to where you want it to be, you find relief and shift your internal compass to align with what it feels like to be floating downstream again.

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You attract what you focus on.

Whatever you focus on, you are attracting more of whether it’s wanted or not. Whether you are saying “yes” to something or “no” to something, if you are focused on it, the Universe will send more your way! So always be asking yourself questions you want the answers to, versus those you don’t.

Examples of asking questions that will have you focused on what you want are:
  • What’s going right?  (The Universe says, “I’ll show you what’s going right.”)
  • What’s working? (The Universe says, “I’ll show you what’s working.”)
  • How would it feel to be secure, confident, at peace, wealthy, healthy, etc. (The Universe says, “I’ll show you what it would feel like.”) 
Versus questions that will have you focused on what you don’t want:
  • Why is money always a struggle for me? (The Universe simply says, “Your wish is my command,” and it will show you why money is always a struggle for you!)
  • What if I can’t pay my bills this month? (The Universe says, “Your wish is my command,” and it will show you why you can’t pay your bills this month.)
  • Why can’t I seem to get this stuff? (The Universe says, “Your wish is my command,” and it will show you why you can’t seem to get this stuff.)

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Remember, it all begins and ends with you.

So always be looking for what’s going right in your life, rather than what’s going wrong. Appreciate what you have, rather than what you don’t. When you bring your focus back around to what you want and why you want it, and continue to keep bringing your focus back to that, regardless of what your current reality may look like, you are literally creating a much different and not-so-distant future reality for yourself.

Emma Bathie is a Soul Happiness Coach. Learn more about her work and how to create more of life's meaning and magic here.

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Tell us in the comments: What have you done to change the direction of your life?

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