The 1 Mental Tool You Need To Achieve Your Goals

by Emma Bathie
Have you ever heard of "creative visualization?" I’ve been using a basic form of it for years — and I even taught it to my son when he was 7-years-old to help him get rid of 10 or more warts on the bottom of his feet. It worked like magic when nothing our local pharmacist and doctor had suggested would. I then became fascinated with the idea of creative visualization again after reading about it in innovator Vishen Lakhiani’s new book Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

So What Exactly Is Creative Visualization?

It’s a term for a form of therapy that’s also known as “imagery therapy,” and is an effective way of helping yourself move towards your goals, feel more positive about life, and do more in less time. Better yet, anyone can do it.
It’s the act of seeing something in your mind’s eye, which you want to attract into your life. For example, it could be a healing for an illness you have, the accomplishment of a goal, or the positive outcome of a difficult situation you are currently going through.
It works best when you are in a relaxed meditative state of mind. One reason this might be is that when we are relaxed, we are more open to “auto-suggestion” and in a way that is what you are doing with creative visualization – it’s a form of self-hypnosis where you are telling and commanding yourself to heal in a certain way, or to attain a goal in a certain way, and this tends to be more powerful when you are relaxed.
So this is not something you’d do in a crammed subway car on your daily commute. It’s best to practice this just before going to sleep or just after waking up.

I find it interesting that many celebrities have endorsed creative visualization and claimed it had a significant role in their success. Such A-listers include Oprah, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith and Bill Gates. And you’d be hard pressed to find an Olympic gold medalist in the last 20 years who hasn’t visualized their perfect performance in their heads.

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How Does Creative Visualization Work?

Step 1: Close your eyes and directly in front of you imagine seeing the biggest television screen you can.
Step 2: You’re now going to visualize certain things on that screen. The first is your current situation, from which you wish to heal or improve. You also want to feel into the emotional pain of this current situation. For example if you’re suffering from a sports injury that has lead to back pain, feel into it. If you’re suffering from the pain of a fight with a loved one, feel into that.
At this point you might be thinking – what? I’m trying to get past the pain, I don’t want it amp it up! Interestingly though, proponents of creative visualization say that when you start this process by seeing that which you do not want, you get better results. So feel into the negative emotion and it becomes rocket fuel for what happens next. Do this for no more than one minute.
Step 3: Now erase the negative scene you’ve just been imagining. Take a big eraser up to the screen of your imaginary giant TV screen and wipe it all away.
Step 4: Visualize a new outcome – that new thing you want to bring into the world, instead of what you just saw up on your screen.

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There Are Four Major Rules of Creative Visualization:

Rule 1: Make Step 4 as vivid, bright and as full of color as you can.
Rule 2: Bring in all of your 5 senses.
Rule 3: Feel as much joy and positive emotion as you can possibly conjure up for yourself.
For example, if back pain is the thing you want to kick, then in this step imagine what it feels like to be able to go for a run along a gorgeous beach at dusk, or to walk through a park with a small child on your shoulders. What does it feel like to have those little legs dangling down, or the sand squelching between your toes? What can you see in front of you? What can you hear and taste? Perhaps you and the child are eating an ice-cream. Perhaps you can smell and taste the salty air. Above all though, feel into the joy of being pain-free.
Rule 4: This is an interesting one. It was suggested by one of the pioneers of creative visualization, Jose Silva, that this process works best when you see two or more people benefit from what you are visualizing for yourself. For example, if it’s back pain you are wanting to rid yourself of, you might see your child benefitting from you being able to do more with them, plus your spouse enjoying you being able to do more with them, pain-free.

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Remember you are visualizing all of this on that giant TV screen right in front of you. One final tip to end your session is to complete with an affirmation of “Let this or something better happen,” which confirms to the Universe you are ready to receive at least what you have visualized for yourself. And then you’re done.
Creative visualization is really that easy, and I believe it’s one of the simplest ways to reprogram our subconscious to experience more success and confidence, to accelerate our health, to spot hidden opportunities and break free from stress in almost all areas of our life.
Have you ever tried creative visualization? What has your success with the process been?
Emma Bathie is a Soul Happiness Coach. Learn more about her work and how to create more of life's meaning and magic here

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