Uwamanzu-Nna Sweeps The Ivy League

by Z Living Staff

To be accepted into one Ivy League school is a fantastic achievement, but for a Long Island high school senior, that was only the beginning.

It started with Harvard... And then Dartmouth...

And then Princeton... U-Penn... Cornell... Yale... Columbia...

And finally Brown. All 7 Ivy League schools invited Ms. Uwamanzu-Nna to attend. That’s right, folks. Ms. Uwamanzu-Nna swept the Ivies.

“It’s so surreal,” she told the New York Times this month. “It’s still hard to actually believe this has happened to me.”

Really, it’s hard to believe it happened to anyone, considering how competitive each school is. This year, the acceptance rate at Harvard was 5.2%, down from 9.3% a decade ago.

Inspired by a Harold Ekah, a friend of hers who accomplished the same feat a year earlier, Ms. Uwamanzu-Nna decided early on that she was going to go for another Ivy League sweep.

According to the article, Ms. Uwamanzu-Nna was a particularly perfect applicant to go for such a record. Not only was she her school’s valedictorian with an above-perfect GPA, she was also a finalist in the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search. Finally, she is the daughter of immigrants. Combined, these compelling aspects of her profile made her a particularly strong candidate. Top tier universities seek to encourage more women to enter the sciences and to diversify their student body.

Congratulations, Ms. Uwamanzu-Nna. We can’t wait to hear where you end up!

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