Weekend Checklist: Munchies, Shopping & The RiRi Routine

by Karishma Roye
Invariably, most of Friday is spent discussing weekend plans. Basically, everyone's trying to out do the next guy. (Don't we all do that?)

Well, with this little checklist, you won't even have to try.

You've got two whole days to shop, stir up a storm in the kitchen, and twerk that butt to some tunes before you have to nurse your hangover and prep for that Monday morning meeting. Let the party begin! 

Of Course, Friday Is Movie Night!

Admit it, you want to keep things light on Fridays because you've been at work all day; but then again, sitting at home doing nothing seems like such a waste. Well, we think movie night is ideal for Friday, so why don't you call some friends (or that cutie you've been eyeing) and catch that flick you've been dying to see?

You don't have to be a domestic goddess to entertain. These simple recipes are perfect to load up your snack bar. On the menu: Salty, Maple, and Peanut Popcorn; S'Mores Popcorn; and Spiced Almonds. All are classics with a twist. Hey, now that we've given you the cheat sheet, would you consider inviting us over? :) 

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work... It Like Rihanna Saturday Morning

Well, considering the most intoxicating substance you probably had on movie night was maple syrup (sugaaarrr highhhhh!), we roped in fitness partner PopSugar to jumpstart our weekend with a fun dance routine that doesn't feel like a workout at all. Are you ready to Work work work work work smfdskjlgshmfmlsjfowefj work work work?

Meet the Fitness Marshall! He wants you to get into your sweats and dish out some booty shaking moves like Rihanna with this step-by-step tutorial.

Where To Spend It: Home Accessories

It's almost a ritual; at least one of the four Saturdays every month, we hit the mall to get more than just the bare necessities. This week, it's straight to the the home decor section for us. Why? Well, while surfing online, we found some amazing accessories at Ikea which are completely in sync with Spring, and look super luxurious but cost under $50. No, really! Don't believe us? Check them out here.

So, now you know where we'll be this Saturday afternoon!

Painting The Town The Right Shade Of Red With Makeup Swatches

Party dress: Check. High heels: Check. Flirty loose curls: Check. Makeup: Check, check, and check again, thanks to the awesome new app we found this week.

You've got to try Cocoa Swatches to see first-hand, how there are shades better-suited to your skin tone than those you've been wearing. Much like you have fabric swatches, this genius app has makeup swatches to show you how the most popular and trendy makeup shades look on different skin tones. We're using it for our eyes, lips, and blush, too.

Here are all the deets about the Cocoa Swatches app for your Saturday night look.

Go slay them, girl!

Spring Cleaning Sunday For A Zen State Of Mind

Woke up hungover? Soldier on, girl... it's spring, the beginning of a new week, and a new month, too. Time to reset, reboot and find your zen with some healthy habits and maybe even a detox session. Personally, we always run back to this 2-Week Clean Eating Plan by PopSugar every time we need a fix up. Created by registered dietitians Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh of C&J Nutrition, the day-by-day schedule with recipes is easy to follow, can be planned in advanced and will make you feel like a whole new person by the time you reach day 14. Care to give it a shot? 

Monday Prep Work: Handle That Meeting #LikeABoss

Most Monday mornings are riddled with meetings, presentations, status updates and reports which can really stress you out and put a damper on your weekend. Reserve the second half of Sunday to create a watertight plan and approach the work with a clear purpose in mind. This will help you keep calm because you'll be prepared for anything that may get thrown at you. Busy bees, we would like to wrap the weekend up with some tips that will help you own the meeting #LikeABoss.

Happy weekend, lovelies!
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