Weekly Round-Up: Bikini Bods, Apologies & Puppy Therapy

by Simona Terron
Another week gone by, pretty soon summer will be upon us. For now, it’s officially time to let loose and chill out a little this weekend and hopefully enjoy some blossoming spring weather in your area (sorry if you're still shoveling out). Take a quick peek at what we put together for your reading pleasure this week in the world of health & wellness. Then, bookmark your faves and enjoy reading all weekend long.

How To Get A Bikini Body (Spoiler: put a bikini on your body)

Bikini season is coming, but don't stress a bikini body is closer than you think. In fact, some would suggest (and we totally agree) you already have it. A confident and happier summer on the beach starts with your own self-empowerment and who better to give you that boost than a bevy of babes - including plus sized models Tess Holliday and Vlogger Loey Lane - brands, and experts rocking the internet with their empowering messages of self-love. Watch Tess's video above, #Simplebekini, then check out the full article for even more smart women telling it how it is... in bikinis. 

Pretty Spring-Summer Hair Accessories Under $35

It’s hot, and as the temperature rises, you can't help but sport an up-do because your hair on your neck can be annoying. Well, instead of sweating it out over those stray strands, try these cute hair accessories that are begging to spring into motion and hold that hair in place. From metallic paper flower hair grips, daisy hair barrettes, and fancy hair fascinators, to simple and practical but pretty bobby pins, and headbands, we’ve got some cool picks. Check them out now.

Mr Money Mustache Shares His Two Cents On Thriftiness

Being frugal doesn't have to be a bore, especially when you can find fun and easy ways to be more mindful of your money. Do a little spring cleaning of your financial life with Mr Money Mustache's approach to mindful living. Nope, he’s not a children’s story book or TV show character; he's a 41-year-old Canadian expatriate who retired at the age of 30 thanks to a lucrative job as a software engineer (and some smart saving). Mr Money Mustache helps others get out of being slaves to debt, drowning in consumerist culture, paying endlessly for gas-guzzling cars, fancy overpriced lattes, and other pursuits that bring us only temporary joy. His approach is unconventional, to say the least, but his financial tips are rock solid, and proven.  Check out his awesome money-saving tips and commit to some financial spring cleaning of your own this weekend.

Your Weekly PSA: Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing Already

We all do it, even if we don't realize it, and it's probably not doing us an ounce of good. As artist and resident wellness-guru Dani Katz explains: "Every word we think, write or utter vibrates at a unique frequency that has a direct effect on the receiver (i.e. whomever we’re texting or talking to). These vibrations mingle with our various bodies – our psyche, our emotions, and our energetic field – where they influence our thoughts, our feelings and our outlook far beyond mere dictionary definition."  Intrigued? Read more here.  

Your Official (Eco-Friendly) Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring cleaning has become a tradition in many homes. Year after year, families partake in ritual of getting rid of the excess and unused items in their home and giving their space a thorough freshening up. But before you head to the store for cleaning supplies, check out our ideas for non-toxic cleaners using everyday kitchen ingredients to remove stains and restore household items. These cheap, effective and most importantly, non-toxic cleaning DIY solutions (like baking soda) are already in your home. Give them a try for a clean and fragrant home this weekend.

These Cute Pups On Instagram Will Brighten Your Day

For those of us who need a little pick me up after a long, hard work week, there’s nothing quite like surfing Instagram for adorable puppy pics, yes #dogsofinstagram - we're looking at you. Trust us, you need a big dose of these adorable canines right now. Because, puppies.

This Dad Works Out With His Adorable Sons (via PopSugar)
Fitting in a workout can be hard, especially if you have two young children. But that hasn't stopped Brent Kruithof. Instead of putting off workouts, Brent, who founded FLYUP Fitness, has found ways to incorporate his children into the action. In this adorable video on our fave site PopSugar, you'll see Brent's toddler son planking alongside his dad, doing the most adorable crunches we've ever seen, and even throwing in some somersaults. 
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