This Week: Democracy, Digital Romance, and Decisions About Produce

by The Z Living Editors

This Week: Democracy, Digital Romance, and Decisions About Produce

While the whole country turned their eyes to Philadelphia this week, Z Living stayed on its path towards healthy living. As the Obamas took turns jerking tears and inspiring cheers on-stage at the DNC, we reminded Americans how much food they’re wasting, and how to keep it fresh. While CNN dissected political figures to their tiniest strengths and flaws, Chef Jeff Henderson dissected meat pies, and healthier ways to prepare the worldly dish. 

Here’s everything you should check out from this week:

Watch It: Flip My Food
Everyday at 10pm EST

Flip My Food "flips" the favorite dishes of award-winning chefs, celebrities, and everyday people to make a healthier version that's just as mouthwatering. Keep an eye out for the new episode on meat pies from this past week! 

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Don’t letter summer buzz by without visiting your local markets for fresh seasonal ingredients. In addition to the heightened flavor that comes with shopping local, these groceries are also packed with extra nutrients and benefits for local businesses. Readers looking for a little guidance can check out some of Z Living chefs’ favorite seasonal ingredients.

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It happens to all us: You buy fresh, amazing-looking fruits or vegetables with every intention of eating them, but a lot of it ends up going bad and into the trash. Keep your produce fresher longer by following these tips, while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint in the process. 

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Say what you want about digital romance, social media love affairs, and online dating — these are tested routes to millions of happily-ever-afters. Take this story of 140 characters, an ex-circus performer, and a British bookstore clerk.

Watch It: Namaste Yoga
Weekdays at 7am EST

Namaste Yoga is a unique experience to calm your mind, strengthen your body and inspire your soul. Filmed amid the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Namaste Yoga provides sweeping natural vistas as well as an effective and calming workout for body and soul. 

Tell us in the comments: What else caught your attention and added to your health, wellness, and well-being this week?

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