Weekly Round-Up: The New 'Normal', Marathon Mind Training and Seafood Shopping Tips

by Puja Gokarn
The week has finally come to an end! After having worked hard, everyone now owes it to themselves to party hard. But you’re just grateful to get to the end of the excruciating commute home, slip into your jammies and sprawl before the telly with a pizza.

What’s draining you this much? Is it work alone? Emma Bathie says it might be the people you choose to be with and we think she’s got a point. Reading this eye-opener, on how and why you should shed the people who drain you, over the weekend could change the weeks to come.

Embrace A New Normal: Shed People Who Drain You

We’ve all got that one person (or more) who ends up driving us crazy. You get off the phone or leave a coffee date with them and you’re exhausted – emotionally, mentally and physically. It would be so much better to see them occasionally, but how can you not be there for them? But do you want your shoulder droop to turn into your normal life?

It can be hard to say no to someone you care for or deal with a draining relationship without hurting the opposite person. But hey, you want your life to change, you’ve got to do what it takes. Your life can be the ‘normal’ that you want it to be, by incorporating these few changes suggested by Emma Bathie, a Soul Happiness Coach. We tried it and believe you us, the woman knows what she’s talking about!  


How To Train Your Mind To Run A Marathon This Summer

Another reason you’re so burnt out on a Friday night (and most other nights of the week) is probably because your tank is low on #motivation. Your engine’s running on caffeine and comfort food. Get off it – that’s not a cushion, it’s flab! Go for a run. Rachel Collier says in her piece that everyone’s innately a runnerWhen you were a child, you ran outside for hours playing, and even today, you probably run to catch a bus, run to your next meeting or to do the morning school shuffle with your kids.

So why not go bigger – a marathon? It’s huge to take on, unless it’s something you’re already training for. Pick your style – Is it listening to ‘Eye of the tiger’ or running in a group that’s panting just as much as you? Would a bucket list tick or a cause like the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation program drive you? Beginners, people training and couch potatoes, psych yourself up for it, this weekend. It’ll be a great way to combat Monday blues.

Savvy Seafood Shopping Tips From The Posh Pescatarian

A hankering for retail therapy, a devotion towards food and an insatiable appetite for adventure - Stephanie Harris-Uyidi has turned her definition of a weekend into her way of life.

And you really want to try out some of this Posh Pescatarian’s irresistible recipes. But before you do, here’s her very own fish market GPS. Smelling the fish, checking whether its eyes look tired, feeling its flesh for firmness could get a bit overwhelming. And if that wasn’t enough, you want to look for outgoing crabs and timid clams. Oh but the aroma of it cooking whetting your appetite and then the first bite! Your taste buds will like it better than the regular greasy Saturday night junk. And that’s when you know, you’re converting to the Pescatarian ways.

Self Compassion: The True Secret to Self Confidence

So that’s what we’ve been doing wrong all along! Well, this weekend, Emma Bathie seems to be on a roll, showering eye-openers upon us. She came across somebody’s epiphany (or rather, a book of it) and decided to share.

Thanks to Kristin Neff, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin and her 2015 book Self-Compassion, everything we thought we knew about self-esteem has been turned upside down.The missing component in our lives isn’t more self-esteem, we’re all actually in need of more self-compassion. You have got to be curious about how that works! Read to know more.

Tips To Ensure Sun Protection When Traveling With Kids

Now here’s how you party hard even with the cradle and piggyback members. Feel like packing your bags and taking off? Do it! A little bit of sun, sand and barbecue is the answer to all shoulder droops.

But you’ve got to make sure that the little bit of sun is just the right amount. Or the kids are going to get cranky faster than you. From the right kind of UV protected tent to selecting the right sunscreen for everyone, Rachel Collier has the perfect suggestions to UV-proof your getaway. Keep these in mind and you’d be singing on the ride back home too.  


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