Weekly Round-Up: A Time Travel App, Doggy Yoga & JLaw’s X-Men Workout

by Simona Terron
So, what's on your summer to do list? A summer vacation, perhaps? Lazy days on the beach with friends (get bikini body ready!) Or maybe your family is growing faster by the minute. We have a few articles from this week that we're excited to share, as you prep for spring and summer. 

How We Talk To Girls About Sex

Talking to your daughter about sex, "hook up culture or what she thinks of Kim Kardashian's latest nude selfie on Instagram cannot possibly be an easy conversation, but as parents, it's vital to find a way to speak to our daughters about the changing attitudes and expectations they may feel about sex in the age of digital pop culture. Thankfully, there's help. Peggy Orenstein has written a whole book on why it is so important for parents to talk to their growing adolescent girls about sex in Girls & Sex.

This Time Travel App Is A Vacation Must-Have!

If you’re a travel junkie and wish to see the several wonders of the world when they were being built or stood in all their untainted glory, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Timelooper allows you to do just that. It transforms any smartphone into a virtual reality device that lets you see what the famous places looked like back in the day, with a 360 degree view; it also replays historic battles and other momentous events. You will never look at the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Palace of Versailles or the Tower of London the same way once you've experienced this immersive virtual reality.

We Love This Book About The Art & Science Of Bread

There are few things simpler and more miraculous than the art of bread making. Transforming flour, fat and water into something that sustains our bodies, soothes our souls, and makes our kitchens fragrant, has got to be deemed miraculous, right? And the experts over at Modernist Cuisine have put together a much-awaited book on this ancient miracle, chronicling time-tested traditions and brand-new discoveries. The book, called Modernist Bread: The Art and Science, aims to capture the science, history, and techniques that will transform its readers into bread experts with more than 2,000 pages, and 3,000 photos to help get them there.

Your Pooch Might Love Dog Yoga

Taking cue from Vincent, the adorable dachshund who lost over 20lb thanks to a smart diet plan and a fun swimming and workout routine, we couldn't help but wonder what else was out there that could help keep our pooches fit. The buzzword? DOGA! Have you heard of it? You'll discover simple yoga stretches for your dog and yes, you can partake in the activity, too. Very popular with pet owners, canines seem to respond extremely well to the downward facing dog-like poses because well, it's tailor-made for them, isn't it?

Smart Snacking Tips To Stay Fueled All Day

Eating three healthy meals a day is good but sometimes it’s just not enough. What about those moments when your tummy is growling or you feel your energy levels dipping rapidly. Here’s where smart snacking comes to the rescue. The trick is to know how to go about it in such a way that you manage your weight, eat healthy, load up on nutrition and get the best out of your diet. Food is fuel, after all. So follow these 7 simple smart snacking tips and you’ll do just fine

JLaw's Diet & Workout Plan For X-Men: Apocalypse

Jennifer Lawrence called the exercise part of The Feelgood Plan, “The one I found most revolutionary. It promises to change your relationship with exercise and for me it really has.” Designed by celebrity fitness trainer Dalton Wong, the workout only requires a commitment of 15 minutes every day to make the right choices—cook better, eat better, train harder. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it helped transform JLaw's body for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse (set to release on 19 May) and could do the same for you.

Where Are You Putting Your Sacred Attention?

Check out this short animated Planetary Service Announcement to learn how our attention determines our experience of life, and to focus ours such that we are experiencing the most joyful, abundant, magical reality we can. Yay for intentional attention focusing!
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