Weekly Round-Up: Weight Loss Debates, Podcasts Library, Henna Tattoos & Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Luna

by Simona Terron
Much debate has taken place on the internet about the struggle of losing weight with opposing views used to fire up public opinion and screaming (or rather commenting in all capital letters) matches occurring on various online forums. If you want to drown out all the noise, just tune into our variety of soothing, inspiring and sometimes entertaining podcasts—we’ve created a one-stop shop of sorts where you can find all our weekly Podcasts We Love articles. And if visual body art interests you, why not try out henna tattoos on various parts of your body? Their temporary nature appeals to our desire for creativity without commitment. Hey! We’re allowed to change our minds every week, right?

Mindfulness is such a key concept to living a healthy and happy life that we decided to get Dani Katz to talk about some simple ways to achieve and practice it on the daily. And for cuteness overload, why not watch our choice of video for the week? PopSugar checks in with Chrissy Teigen as she talks about her brand new baby, Luna and shares her feelings about her first Mother’s Day.

Check out our round-up of these stories from this week below:

The Truth Behind Weight Loss

JD Roth provides a direct rebuttal in response to That Lost Weight? The Body Finds It, authored by Gina Kolata and published on The New York Times on May 2, 2016. Kolata paints a clear picture of what scientists have learned after examining a handful of contestants on The Biggest Loser, which basically pointed out that when you lose a lot of weight, your metabolism slows and your body fights back against the weight loss. The science is sound. But if you are one of the millions of people who want to shed pounds, JD Roth begs you to not let this be an excuse to stop trying. He urges readers, “You are not doomed to be fat. Do not use this article and research as a way to protect your addiction and rationalize your bad behavior.”

Trending: Check Your Freezer ASAP! FDA Announces Frozen Food Recall
Check your freezer, everyone. The FDA recently announced that over 40 companies are recalling their frozen vegetable products out of concern that they may be contaminated with the Listeria virus. The recall affects grocery stores all over the country, including Safeway, Trader Joe’s and Costco. Use this chart to determine whether the food in your house has been affected, by checking each bag for the lot number in order to figure whether it was implicated in the recall. The recall includes many organic and non-organic frozen food products, all of which have a sell by date between April 26th, 2016 and April 26th, 2018. This is a recall to be taken seriously. So far, eight people have fallen ill, two of whom have died.

All The Podcasts We Love, Right In One Place

We enjoy bringing you cool and interesting podcasts week after week, from people who are sharing information that’s educational, informative, and often even inspirational. From a mother chronicling the joys and struggles of raising her transgender child, to Lisa Druxman explaining mission of raising healthy moms so that they can raise healthy kids in a healthy world. To Alex Jamieson’s take on how listening to your cravings might give you insights into living your best life, to The Nutrition Diva’s help in sorting fact from fiction when it comes to your dietary habits…this one pager has it all in one place. Go ahead and give these gems a listen, they just might cheer you up and maybe even change your life!

How To Really Practice Practical Mindfulness

Ever since a movie star wrapped herself in a picture-perfect lotus position topped off with a beatific smile for the cover of Time magazine, mindfulness is rocking some serious mainstream momentum. No longer relegated to cultural outcasts like stinky hippies and mountain top isolated monks who surrender their hair, sleeves and orgasms to the pursuit of enlightenment, the concept of mindfulness has transcended the fringes, thus beckoning the common man towards the cultivation of presence.

Trending: Research Explains Why It's Hard To Shed Extra Pounds

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to lose weight? The New York Times might just have the answer. At the intersection of health and pop culture, a recent article in the Times describes the (pretty depressing) efforts of several Biggest Loser contestants in their quest to keep their exercise on—and their weight off—post-show. While JD Roth, a co-creator of The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss and host of Z Living's forthcoming series The Big Fat Truth has his own take on the struggles of these weight-loss contestants to keep the weight off long-term (most contestants do in fact keep the pounds off and live a remarkably improved life thanks to their wellness transformation) we thought it was worth examining the argument made by the NYT.

Our 5 Favorite Henna Styles To Rock This Summer
Often, the biggest problem with getting a tattoo is making a commitment to that one design for a lifetime. Running through the pages of Instagram to find the latest in spring-summer fashion (hair accessories, jewelry, apparel and all), we came across this beautiful henna design that almost looked like a lace body tattoo we'd love to have. And right there, we realized, that the fascination with getting inked needn't limit your will to experiment (we fall in love with a new design, every other month). The keyword, lovely ladies, is henna! It’s has been around for over 6,000 years and is nothing but temporary plant-based ink used to dye one’s skin and hair. That means, no needles, no chemical dyes and no fear of getting any diseases or infections! Plus, it keeps the skin cool and will fade right off in 2-3 weeks, based on the quality of the henna.

Sheryl Sandberg On Being A Single Mom

Amidst all celebration of Mother’s Day this year, a thought-provoking post was put up on Facebook that has caught the minds and hearts of many across the web. Posted by Facebook COO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg, her heart-wrenching post detailed her own realization of just how hard life is a single mom is. Last year Sandberg became a single mom herself after losing her husband, David. What’s really moving is that Sandberg represents a voice that goes beyond her personal struggle as a single mom. She goes on to address larger issues plaguing single mothers.

Chrissy Teigen Gushes About Baby Luna: "It's the Little Smiles That Get You"
And single moms are not the only ones we love. Chrissy Teigen is adorable as someone who is loving motherhood! The model—who gave birth to her first child, daughter Luna, in April—couldn't help but gush about her little bundle of joy during a recent interview with ET. "We're so happy," she said. "It's been really exciting and fun, and every day is so different, and seeing all her little changes is so cute." After admitting to getting emotional on her first Mother's Day, Chrissy opened up about her struggles with breastfeeding, adding, "It's very loving and sweet, but it's not easy." See what she revealed in the clip above, then check out her adorable NYC outing with husband John Legend and baby Luna.
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