Weekly Round-Up: Balsamic-Vinegary Coffee, a Real Food Blog & Yoga Fails

by Simona Terron
The week is over but the fun has just begun, and with our quick trip through the coolest pieces we put up in the last few days, you can guarantee you will be in the know and grooving with the flow. So sit back and let us entertain you:


A Refreshing Coffee Cooler With Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is wonderful for salads and coffee is the best thing to boost your mood, but we rarely experiment with either. Put these two together and you have one killer brew to beat the heat. Portland Barista employee Jed Klingensmith created this as part of a contest to create a new drink, mixing cold-brewed coffee and balsamic vinegar to become something that is effervescent, tangy, and awakening. If you want to learn how to make it, look no further…


Here's Why We Love The 100 Days Of Real Food Blog

Of all the tons of healthy food blogs out there, the one that recently caught our attention was the 100 Days of Real Food blog by Lisa Leake. She took a pledge to go 100 days without processed food in the year 2010. The blog chronicles her food journey, depicting her making healthy choices for herself and her entire family, instead of eating refined and manufactured stuff that was bad for them. Check out her fab tale here.

From OM To OMG, Yoga Fails Can Make Your Day

Yoga teachers say the darndest things. And while it may be about being zen and all, this whole practice has an added dimension of amusement and can serve as an untapped source of hilarity. Like when yoga instructors say, in all seriousness, “Flower your buttocks.” Already having trouble keeping a straight face? Then we can’t imagine what you’ll do when you read this… Try not to roll over on your flower, laughing your buttocks off.

Pinning Our Favorite Insta-Smoothie Recipes

To jumpstart our fitness routine this summer season, we're rolling out the red carpet for a different kind of hero. Say hello to our smoothie board! It has delectable recipes from Instagram and Pinterest users who swear by the health and weight-loss benefits of these delicious drinks. Get blending with the recipes for these pretty and tasty treats.

PSA: Mind Your Shoulds

As we already established in last week’s PSA (Planetary Service Announcement), every word matters. Each word we utter vibrates at a unique frequency, which functions to either expand or contract the person we are addressing. Expansive words allow our message to be more effectively heard and integrated, while words that contract have a tendency to shut down the listener, rendering them deaf to our wisdom and our (likely, brilliant) perspective. This week’s PSA focuses on the word should.
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