Weekly Round-Up: Father's Day Gifts, Yoga In British Columbia And Dolphin Anger Management

by Puja Gokarn

Another Friday has arrived. And people sporting casual day work outfits can’t stop themselves from stealing glances at the clock – 120 minutes to go until quitting time, the weekend's almost here. Then 119 minutes... you get the picture.  But  before you rush home tonight, don't forget, this is no ordinary weekend.

If you weren't checked into the fantastic articles here at Z Living, your exhausting commute home could have a grating emergency pit-stop added to it. You would be joined by throngs of people hunting wildly through stores for the most perfect ties or ‘best dad ever’ mugs. But thankfully, Z Living is your place to review, recharge and for the best new ideas. So in our version of Father's Day, we're thinking outside the box and not just for material things, but for the mind, body and soul. Because let's get real, the special men in our lives are worth far more than the tired usual trinkets.

That said, we're pretty excited by Jessica Flannagan’s original and inspired suggestions for fabulous dads on the go: 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Active Dad

‘When my husband became a dad, Father’s Day took on a whole new meaning. I personally love spoiling him and as a family we do all we can to celebrate the most important guy in our world.’ That’s Flannagan’s particularly heart-warming take on Father’s Day. 

As men of the house, dads are the most on the go by nature.  So this Father's Day, get them excited about their special day by choosing any of these hip, thoughtful or techie gifts. He'll truly get how much thought has gone into spoiling him and making him feel special. Moving onto the body, we also have the perfect dessert for the special dads in our lives:

A Healthy Parfait For Flag Day

Well not exactly for Father's Day, it’s a dessert for Flag Day, but any celebration is good for dessert. "Summer seems to come with a never-ending list of reasons to celebrate. I love a party, so I’m all for it! But I don’t love all the extra sugar that typically comes with the festivities. So I’m always on the lookout for great healthy dessert recipes and this one is a winner." And with that, Rebecca Green just won our hearts. 

The season comes with blessings of delicious fruits, which can be turned into healthy jams and you can then put together a perfectly irresistible yogurt parfait. It’s a paleo friendly recipe, its colors are totally in sync with Flag Day and it’s chilled enough to cool you off this summer. Each scrumptious spoonful of it will be a eureka moment for your soul.

Join The Posh Pescatarian 10-Day Challenge!

While we’re deciding on our summer desserts, why not work backward to design the rest of your food  courses as well? Summer to us equals beaches. And nowadays, being at the beach automatically makes us think of grilled fish. But then again, we don’t need the beach to think about seafood anymore. Ever since we adopted the pescatarian ways, all we can think of is seafood for breakfast, wine pairings with our seafood and spicing up our dinner with mouth-watering side dishes

Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, look what you’ve done to us! And if she hasn’t washed over you yet, you need to take the #Posh10DayChallenge! This Posh Pescatarian has inspired us with her exciting way of life and healthy yet yummy recipes. There’s also her FREE meal planning guide and her tips on buying seafood to help you get through the challenge. Personally, we don’t know of  any other challenge that keeps you healthy and filled with culinary delights as this one! Catch her shows or any other health and wellness related shows here.

Behind The Scenes Of Namaste Yoga

Speaking of keeping healthy and staying body conscious– what could be more amazing than breathing in gulps of fresh air while doing yoga in the wilderness of British Columbia? That’s where Amanda Riches, host of the show Namaste Yoga, takes us to reinvigorate our yoga experience.

"For many people, yoga is a mini-vacation, a moment of calm, a chance to be transported out of their every-day life. So when we made Namaste Yoga, we decided not to film in another yoga studio, but to take inspiration from the incredible place where we live – British Columbia, the west coast province of Canada. In a sense Namaste Yoga is a love letter to nature, to experiences and to the Pacific North West. There sure is a lot to love!" says Riches. Meet the other Namaste Yoga instructors here. And if the thought of Yoga in the spectacular surroundings of British Columbia magically calmed you, then you should make note of it for the next time you’re stressed or angry. Or you could simply…

Get Really (Really) Mad. For Fourteen Seconds.

Dani Katz is without a doubt one of the quirkiest, cerebrally deep thinkers we’ve ever experienced. Her PSA’s and other tidbits of advice provide some of the coolest, off-the-beaten path approaches to life. And it's even evident in how she explains the science behind her ideas. So her take on the emotion of anger or the build-up to the feeling of rage is no different.

"According to the bevy of marine biologists and behavioral psychologists who’ve weighed in on the matter, the reason dolphins are so emotionally on point is that when they get mad, they get really mad. An angry dolphin will pound its fins, smack the water with its tail, squeal, shriek and generally freak the fuck out – for all of fourteen seconds, at which point the dolphin softens, and returns to her baseline emotional state – joyful, playful, communal and awesome."

Did she get your attention? Good! Then read the entire story and start practicing her advice as soon as possible, that way nothing will get in the way of you enjoying your weekend.

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