Weekly Round-Up: Post-Pregnancy Life Tips, A Healing Sanctuary & India-Inspired Cocktails

by Simona Terron
Someone once said that fools learn from their own mistakes while smart people learn from the mistakes of others. While that sounds a bit harsh, we’d rather be the smart ones and pay close attention when folks generously share the outcome of their life experiences. That way we don’t have to fall down, get hurt and endure the same tough life lessons.

Luckily for us, we have access to some of the coolest experts on a variety of topics from health care to nutrition and everything in between here at Z Living. It helps us live the best version of our lives imaginable. Check out some of the hugely popular stories that went up on our website this week. We curated a bunch of the articles right here so you have them right at your fingertips.

Check out our round-up for the week below:

Things No One Ever Told Me About Life After Pregnancy

Most moms know what to expect when it comes to having a baby: meeting your new bundle of joy for the first time, evolving into a supermom, sleepless nights, poopy diapers of course, and sore nipples. What no one tells you about are the feelings of inadequacy, the “baby blues,” and the indomitable “mommy pouch” that can completely blindside you. “Being a new mom and a new dad is harder than you think,” says Christiane Manzella, PhD, psychologist and clinical director at the Seleni Institute in New York City. Read on for other fabulous insights to help you better prepare your life.

Santa Fe’s Next-Level Healing Sanctuary

Dani Katz likes to think of Light Vessel Santa Fe as the in-flight spa the Starship Enterprise never had. Each room features a different futuristic machine that uses either light, sound, vibration or magic to support their international (or, interdimensional) clientele in healing, youthing, toning, tightening and optimizing their every fractal cell. Santa Fe was already enjoying its own thoroughly progressive health scene, which includes a bevy of yoga schools, alternative healers and underground medicine ceremonies, as well as a raw restaurant, a gluten-free bakery and a bone broth joint. But now, with the addition of Light Vessel Santa Fe and its next-door neighbor, the Love Yourself Café, Northern New Mexico just reached rock star status for next-level healing offerings. Dani road-tripped from California to New Mexico on a whim, and her hyper-caffeinated, thirteen-hour car-cramped body was in desperate need of some major healing mojo. So she made a beeline for the Love Yourself Café for a paleo cookie and an adrenal-nourishing elixir, only to spend the afternoon flitting between the café and the healing center, eventually (read: reluctantly) departing a more radiant, rejuvenated version of herself. 

5 Crazy-Good Cocktails With An Indian Twist

Celebrations are a wonderful time to serve some tasty drinks but the same old libations can get boring after a while. Wow your guests with something unusual that leaves them guessing the flavors that tantalize their senses. Play bartender and tease the best notes out of all the wonderful spices used in Indian cooking. Read about simple hacks that accomplish these ideas in complete style. If you follow our simple tips, you'll find it's easy to incorporate spices and other ingredients that are prominently featured in Indian cuisine. So get your tastebuds ready, you're about to embark on a flavorful adventure.

Indian Cuisine-Inspired Breakfast Ideas

Yes, it’s the most important meal of the day but how many different ways can you really make eggs? And what about when pancakes or cereal just don't do the trick? Well, it might be time to infuse some exotic excitement into your morning, and with these great tips it's both easily said and done.
We bring you simple tips for your breakfast dishes that use the Indian sub-continent as their muse. Delicious and appetizing, they mimic the flavors, techniques and even presentation of popular Indian breakfast foods from across this exotic country.
Tips To Ensure Sun Protection When Traveling With Kids

Carefree sunny days spent outdoors evoke joyful memories of the summer season. But, parents must be mindful of keeping kids safe without compromising the fun of spending time outdoors. While keeping the little ones covered and in the shade is ideal, it isn’t always realistic. By following a few basic steps, parents can keep their kids healthy and happy this season. We give you expert tips such as ‘keep babies under 6 months out of the sun,’ brought to you by the good people at the American Dermatology Association as well as simple tips on selecting the right sunscreen.

Paleo Recipe Of The Week: Carrot Noodles With Lime

The heat can be exhausting and wreak havoc on your appetite. If you want something light and refreshing but still tasty to keep you cheery, we’ve got a great recipe. This paleo dish has got bite and not just texture-wise thanks to the crunchy carrots but also from the jalapenos that can pack a nice hot punch. The cilantro and fresh lime juice give the meal a zest that will make it impossible to stop eating! This recipe, is courtesy of the self-confessed healthy-eating diva and it's clear by this scrumptious plate she knows exactly what she's doing.
If you have a spiralizer, great! But if not just use your regular vegetable peeler to whip this dish up. It doesn't matter whether you use skinny, sexy strands or lovely, flat ribbons, any veggie size selection will enhance this dish. Make it for lunch, a snack or even a salad. Just make it!

Find Your Zen At The Best Yoga Ashrams In India

Having introduced the world to yoga, India has now become the go-to country for practitioners and meditation lovers who are looking to map their spiritual journey. That's why there are dedicated ashrams all around India that play host to travelers, both locals and international globetrotters, who want to find their zen amidst scenic locales and under the guidance of spiritual gurus. Check out some of the best, most popular yoga ashrams for the avid yogi.

Here's Why Every Teen — LGBTQ or Not — Should Listen to Troye Sivan
From his inspiring coming-out story at age of 17 to the time he helped a fan come out during a concert performance, here's why 20-year-old Aussie singer Troye Sivan is the young LGBTQ voice that the world needs now. And his super honest music doesn't just have a great beat; Troye's songs tackle LGBTQ issues and much, much more. Check out this inspiring video from Popsugar.
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