Weekly Round-Up: Gravity-Defying Bras, Service Animals, & Indian Palace Hotels

by Simona Terron
Another week has flown by and we have yet another great round-up of interesting stories for you. We love our pets and in most cases they love us right back, usually unconditionally. But we have a story for you about a woman whose dog helped her heal from emotional trauma. We also would love for you to read about ways to take care of the very air in your home, to protect your breasts from succumbing to the not-so-pretty downside of gravity, and to maybe dream about an exotic wedding extravaganza in an Indian palace hotel. Here’s our round-up of our most popular stories from last week.

How Emotional Service Animals Help In Unexpected Ways

Read about the author’s experience of how her dog Atticus helped her get through varying degrees of emotional and physical distress after she adopted her. While Atticus was suffering from the trauma brought on by being abused and abandoned, the author was combating extreme anxiety and depression as a result of an abusive relationship. Here’s the heartwarming story of how they helped each other and some facts about ESA if you are considering registering your pet. Of course, it goes without saying that you should speak to a therapist, counselor, doctor or psychiatrist about all of your options. An ESA is often just one piece of a complex equation for a person’s treatment.

Obamas' Personal Chef Nails a 'Turnip For What'-Inspired Curry

We love Michelle Obama, and besides doing more than her fair share to bring about a healthy eating revolution in the country, she’s also too cool for words. We know we always root for her. But she’s not one to sit around on her laurels, no sir. She’s all for the rooting, especially when it comes to root vegetables! Her 2014 Turnip For What vine captured the First Lady grooving to the DJ Snake/Lil Jon soundtrack with a turnip in her hand and has now inspired a delicious recipe. Learn how to make a healthy and delicious turnip curry with coconut milk from Executive chef Cris Comerford.

Natural Air Fresheners That Won’t Irritate Your Senses

Air fresheners may be the easiest and the fastest way to mask odors and make your home smell fragrant. But store-bought artificial air fresheners do more harm than good, causing problems such as headaches, colds, irritation in the throat, allergies, asthma and other breathing problems. Artificial air fresheners are considered an absolute no-no especially around pregnant women and children. Thankfully, there are a number of all-natural air fresheners made from herbs, spices, flowers and essential oils that you can DIY or buy from stores.

Plan A Destination Wedding In The Palace Hotels Of India

Are you fantasizing about an exotic wedding? How about a destination wedding in India? India has an abundant history that overflows with drama and grandeur, and it's no surprise that India offers some truly amazing palaces straight out of a film or fairytale. And these picturesque residences can actually be yours for your big day. So, if you're wishing to make some regal wedding memories, look to India for a wedding ceremony you'll never forget. Or, just daydream about getting shacked up in one of these heritage palace hotels right along with us. A girl can dream, right?

Supporting Cast: Gravity-Defying Bras For All Shapes & Sizes

We’re all for embracing aging but if sagging breasts are among your worst nightmares, you need to ensure that working out heavy and steady on cardio machines doesn’t prove to be one of the key reasons your breasts begin to succumb to gravity. To find a sports bra that only provides good support, but offers comfort and lift, check out these options.

Hijab-Wearing Dance Group Brings People Together Through Hip-Hop

We're Muslim Don't Panic is a hip-hop dance group that is using hijabs and sneakers to stamp over Islamophobia and combat the stereotype that Muslim women are voiceless. In their inimitable style, these dancers are led by Amirah Sackett, a practicing Muslim who is trying to encourage religious tolerance in a fun and non-threatening way. They’ve performed at schools, held street performances and at events, effortlessly thrilling audiences and leaving them with a powerful message at the same time. Check out the video on PopSugar.
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