You Should Keep An Evidence Journal—Not A Gratitude List

by Emma Bathie
If you’ve ever wondered whether life is supporting your dreams, here’s a little something I regularly use to give myself the answer. It’s called a Book of Evidence, or an Evidence Journal, and I encourage all my clients to keep one.

How is a Book of Evidence different to keeping a Gratitude List?

Keeping a gratitude list can sometimes feel like another to-do list of things you “should be” grateful for, but are things that don't really light up your soul. Keeping a Book of Evidence on the other hand, is a way of sitting down at the end of the day, asking yourself one very specific question that your soul is craving an answer to around having your dreams supported and then uncovering evidence for it from your own day.
For example, let’s say you’re working through some money blocks or other financial issues. At the end of the day sit down and ask yourself, “How did the world support my financial growth and abundance today?” Then, think about what your day brought you. Perhaps you got a free cup of coffee, found a dime on the street, or found an extra $5 in your pocket. By writing these things down, you’re creating a list of how the world has supported you!

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The idea is to reframe the basic question: “How did life support my dreams today?” to answer a specific topic you are trying to find evidence for in your life.

Possible topics are your love life, a dream job, dream house or the trip you’ve always wanted to take. Think of it as a fun game in which you are uncovering clues that show you exactly how your life IS supporting your dreams that day.

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How do I start?

A beautiful journal is always a good idea but you can also start by using a simple “Notes” app on your smartphone and adding to your list of evidence on a daily basis.

What can I expect to happen in my life by starting a Book of Evidence?

Simply put, the more you look for clues and evidence the more you will find, because what you predominantly focus on is what you will experience in your life. If you focus on life feeling hard and expect it throw you challenges every other day, then that is what you will manifest and experience. But when your dominant thoughts are focused on how many great things you have already manifested, how excited you are for what you have created and what you’re about to create next, then your dominant thoughts will completely change what you experience and manifest next in your life.

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In short this is a great tool for building your self-confidence, proving to yourself your life is on the right track and that you are indeed bringing your dreams to life.

Keeping daily entries in a Book of Evidence is what keeps your dominant thoughts on the path of an abundant mind set. You get what you look for in the Universe, so why not look for the good!
Emma Bathie is a Soul Happiness Coach. Learn more about her work and how to create more of life's meaning and magic HERE.


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