This Wild Horse Ranch Offers Prisoners New Hope On 'Conquered'

by The Z Living Editors

When inmates are released from prison, they face a major problem. Where can they work? What skills can they apply to a job, after time spent in jail? And who will hire them? Re-entering society is no easy task following incarceration, and lack of employment is one of the big reasons so many former inmates return to jail.

That's where horseman, pastor, and former undercover narcotics detective Randy Helms comes in. The program he runs — the Wild Horse Inmate Program (WHIP) at Arizona State Penitentiary — teaches inmates to tame wild horses, and at the same time, master real-life skills. Helms' inspiring story, and that of felon Dashonte Al-Wakil, is featured on our new series POPSUGAR Presents: ConqueredCheck here for more about the show and sneak peeks, and find out where you can tune in.

Watch the video above to see a short clip of Conquered featuring Randy Helms and Dashonte Al-Wakil.

Here's How The WHIP Program Works:

In the training facility, inmates help "gentle" wild horses, while also:
  • Receiving hands-on-training in the equestrian field.
  • Working to learn about the care and treatment of animals, while building self-confidence.
  • Learning the value of patience, warmth and respect for all living things.
  • Gaining employable skills they can use upon release.

The Program Works For The Greater Good Of Horses And People:

According to a segment that aired on 3TV News in Arizona, more than 80% of the inmates who complete the program don't return

Watch Conquered to learn more. Check here for more about the show and sneak peeks, and find out where you can tune in.

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