#ForgivenessFriday: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Timeless Wisdom

by Z Living Contributor

Violent, alarming, angry, and disheartening stories fill our daily newsfeeds at an alarming rate, but in the midst of the countless voices shouting anger and blame, it helps to look to one of our country’s most celebrated advocates for peace, kindness, and empathy. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led the United States through its greatest social revolution, the Civil Rights Movement. His words inspired hope and action for decades, and today we share and remember them with you. 

Illustration by Dani Katz

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Forgiveness

Dr. King reminds us that difficult news is always around the corner, but a forgiving attitude prevents turmoil from becoming contagious. A peaceful and collaborative revolutionary, King preached forgiveness and peace in a time of blame and violence, and his influence prevented war. Today, let’s remind ourselves of this positive perspective — and share his thoughts with others.

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Tell Us in the Comments: Do you find forgiveness to be an effective tool in times of distress? How so? 

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