@Yoga_Girl Rachel Brathen Does Her Part For Latvian Orphans

by Simona Terron
With 1.8m followers, Yoga_Girl (Rachel Brathen) is a popular lady on Instagram. She takes some pretty awesome images of herself (and her goat sometimes too) striking some pretty amazing yoga poses in beautiful locales, it helps when you call Aruba home.

But her killer yoga practice and awesome yoga poses aren't the only reason we’re big fans of this pretty yogi. She’s constantly sharing body and life positive messages (when she’s not posing with her pet dog and pet goat). But her life is not all fun and games. She’s using her Instafame to make a positive impact on the world with her organization 109World.

Nestled along the Baltic Sea, Latvia possess the longest beaches in Europe, along with thick, untouched forests. Unfortunately, Latvia is among the poorest countries in Europe, and struggles with unemployment and poverty. As such, 109World aims to serve the local comunity through community activities and charitable giving. The trip also features daily yoga workshops with veteran yoga trainer Laura Heimann.

Ultimately, the trip aims to help establish the infrastructure and resources that the young mothers and children of this country need to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty, neglect and abandonment.  

In 109World's Own Words: 

“We cannot break this vicious cycle without giving the next generation the necessary tools to develop into loving individuals with ambitions to thrive. You can help give these kids a second chance in life! JOIN @109world In Latvia May 26-30, 2016 where we are raising money to improve the standard of living in these orphanages, and if we raise enough, provide a few of them with a complete education. My beautiful friend and @oneoeight.tv guide @lara.heimann will be teaching yoga every morning and leading the group together with the 109 team.”

The trip to Latvia isn't the only one they have planned. 109World has a series of trips to countries around the world, all with different needs and opportunities for you to make a real difference. In fact they are in the middle of a trip to Nicaragua to help build clean water infrastructurs, right now. Check out the updates on their instagram feed.   If you’re interested in signing up or getting more information email [email protected]

As Rachel reminds us: #youhavethepowertochangetheworld

Images: Rachel’s Instagram account
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