Follow This 5-Step Guide To Taking Your Best Selfie

by Phillip Soloway

Z Living’s new original series Yoga Girls features some of the most prominent social-media stars from today’s buzzworthy West LA yoga scene. To help get our viewers on track to gain countless followers like the stars of the show, we put together a brief guide for taking your best selfie. 

Yoga Girls premieres at 8 PM on Sunday, September 24th. Find out where you can tune in

Here Are Five Steps To Taking Your Best Selfie: 

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Cheat

Let’s be real, there are no selfie-police out there trying to determine whether or not you were holding the camera. You can achieve much more flattering and interesting angles by having a friend step in and hold the phone for a second—just be sure to keep that profile-selfie aesthetic. Also, selfie sticks are actually an excellent tool for extending your reach. 

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2. Find A Shtick

Almost all Instagram stars have something that they own, or become an authority on. The Yoga Girls, of course, are champions at sharing the latest poses, as well as food and fashion that’s groundbreaking for contemporary yoga culture. Whether it’s your own special skill, or a goofy idea (Tom Hanks posts pictures of lost shoes he finds), finding a shtick can go a long way towards helping your selfie, and your account in general. 

3. Curate The Perfect Look For Your Selfie

Once you have your shtick, then it’s time to dress up for your selfie. When you watch Yoga Girls, you’ll notice these stars are always sporting fresh, contemporary yoga threads. Representing a culture with its own fashion scene allows them to connect with local designers and tastemakers to create cuter, more original selfies, that ultimately reach wider audiences. 

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4. Have Fun

It’s a fact—happier people get more likes. Don’t just take selfies to try and accomplish a goal, instead, find something fun to experience and then capture yourself experiencing it. There’s an authenticity to a real smile that’s intangible, but totally noticeable. So, if you find ways to start genuinely having more fun, your selfies should reap major benefits. 

5. Draw Inspiration From The Pros

One of the best ways to get good at something, is to take inspiration from those who are best at it. Tune into Yoga Girls to see how some of these social-media all-stars find their favorite selfie spots, and curate their own personal brands. Check out the accounts of some of our favorite stars like Elise Joan and Koya Webb along the way too. 

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