These Breakout Yoga-Celebs Are Changing The Game

by The Z Living Editors
These days, yoga isn't the zen practice you may think it is. With everyone from celebrities to the biggest influencers taking up the practice – and dozens of wild trends changing yoga classes as you've known them – let's just say that this mindful practice is secretly rife with major drama.

So we're taking a closer look at what actually goes down behind all those downward dog poses. In our new docu-series Yoga Girls (premiering later this year), we're following Los Angeles' hottest yoga instructors, the ones who compete with each other to get the best clients, and who will do whatever it takes to win.

The heat is already on: check out two rising yoga stars from the show, Sadie Nardini and Elise Joan, featured on Adweek and Multichannel magazine covers respectively in the photo above!

Here's What Our New Series Yoga Girls Is All About:

We've found that on the west side of Los Angeles – where the beautiful, the famous, and the wannabes co-exist – the new “mecca” of the yoga world has found a home. But unlike the ancient yogis who sat atop mountains and meditated for hours on end, yoga today is represented by two groups of girls who don’t necessarily practice what they preach. And the results are nothing less than om meets OMG.

Check back for premiere dates, and more about the show soon!

In the meantime, check out our daily yoga workout series Namaste Yoga, and all the other addictive shows currently airing on Z Living.

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