These Culinary Herbs Help Detox Your Body

by Debbie Wolfe
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Watch on Z Living: 'Healthy Gourmet'

Herbs are nature’s seasonings, able to infuse your meals with flavor and freshness. But they can do so much more. In the show Healthy Gourmet, chef Ezra Title and nutritionist Julie Daniluk show us that some culinary herbs can also help detox your body. 

Watch the clip here.

In one of our favorite tips from the show, Daniluk tells a fireman, “Anything in the onion family is incredibly important for firefighters because the sulphur in these plants help detoxify the environmental chemicals you are going through." Incredible, right?

Click through our slideshow above to discover more detoxifying facts about the herbs chef Title uses in his rustic herb salad.

WATCH on Z Living: Healthy Gourmet, where nutritionist Julie Daniluk and chef Ezra Title join forces and battle between taste and nutrition, helping home cooks create nutritious and tasty meals that can feed a crowd. See a sneak peek here

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