Catch Prism Award Nominee, "I Beat The Odds"

by Ajableu Oldham
“I Beat The Odds” chronicles the real-life stories of terrifying diagnoses and deadly diseases cured by both unusual and natural treatments and therapies. Using reenactments, first-hand testimonies, innovative graphics plus insight from medical and health experts, this inspiring series documents the transformed life of each subject featured person by person.
The show is full of amazing journeys and stories of perseverance, triumph, and above all love. One episode in particular has been honored for its stunning portrayal of addiction with a nomination for a PRISM Award.
Here's a brief look at the episode:
After being discharged from the military due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Lance Wilson returned to his wife in Montgomery, Alabama with hopes of beginning a fresh start. Despite high hopes plans, Wilson gets caught in a downward spiral of alcoholism and drug abuse.
Discover how Wilson triumphs over his unnerving condition set on by war in this episode of “I Beat The Odds," which was nominated for a PRISM Award.

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