Smile! After Trying These Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

by Renee Mitson

All-natural tooth whitening has seen a surge of popularity in recent years, due to general the uncomfortable side effects and pricey nature of more mainstream whiteners. Not to mention, natural solutions contain ingredients you can actually pronounce and are generally milder, meaning you can build up to desired whiteness and pull back if you start to feel any pain. 

Here are tried and true natural tooth whitening solutions that are blowing up in the world of beauty:

Strawberries+Salt+Baking Soda

Everyday Roots swears by the simple combination of strawberries, salt, and baking soda. Why strawberries? They contain an ingredient called malic acid, which helps to remove surface stains and Vitamin C which helps break down plaque. The salt acts as the abrasion, breaking up the surface of your teeth and the baking soda is optional, although it creates a foaminess that can help penetrate your entire mouth more effectively. 

Mix it together, make a paste, dry your mouth of excess drool (ew) and scrub away for five minutes. Doing this once or twice a week will help your teeth get back to their natural whiteness and improve overall dental health. 

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Activated Charcoal

A few years ago, this was probably the most controversial all-natural tooth-whitening solution. After all, it looks insane. You’re swishing black charcoal around your mouth and it looks like you’ve been drinking oil. However, over the last five years studies have shown numerous benefits, and Wellness Mama raves about activated charcoal for teeth whitening. 

First off, you’re not actually swallowing the charcoal, so this won’t end like an episode of Fear Factor (remember that show?). Secondly, it makes sense scientifically—charcoal binds with tannins that are in stains on your teeth. Also, now researchers believe that activated charcoal can actually alter the PH level of your mouth, making cavities less likely to form and reducing the instance of bad breath. Sounds good to me!


That orange-yellow stuff that stains EVERYTHING when you’re cooking Middle Eastern food? Yes, the very same. If you’ve ever cooked with turmeric, you know how it gets everywhere and leaves a bright yellow stains if you don’t clean it quick enough. Somehow, though, turmeric actually whitens teeth. 

The science behind it is a little unknown, which Mommypotamus explains here, but in this case you don’t need to be afraid. Turmeric is all natural and great for heart health and reducing inflammation. So while we can’t say exactly why it also whitens teeth, at least you know that you are not harming your body—so give it a try!

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Do you have a secret at-home whitening treatment? Tell us about them in the comments section below. 

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