The Health Benefits Of Our 8 Favorite Teas

by The Z Living Editors
1. Hibiscus Tea: A Health Enhancer & Natural Fat-Flusher
2. Mushroom Tea: The Trend, The Types, The Perks
3. Black Tea: The Surprising Health Benefits
4. Green Tea: Drink Your Way To Weight Loss
5. FitTea: The New Green Tea?
6. Stinging Nettle Tea: Herbal Relief For Gout
7. Jesuit's Tea: To Improve Digestion
8. Ginger Tea: Regenerative and Delicious

If you're thinking of ways to improve your health, try drinking a cup of tea daily.

At the very least, it’s a steamy, soothing way to get enough fluid into your body each day. Plus, tea can help protect your teeth and your heart, may help you lose weight, and--as some studies have shown--may possibly even help stave off cancer. 

Click through our slideshow above for our 8 favorite teas, then read more in depth about each one from the links below:

Our 8 Favorite Hot Teas

1. Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus Tea: Health Enhancer & Natural Fat-Flush

2. Mushroom Tea
Mushroom Tea Mania: The Trend, The Types, The Perks

3. Black Tea
The Surprising Health Benefits Of Black Tea

4. Green Tea
Drink Your Way To Weight Loss With Green Tea

5. FitTea
Is FitTea The New Green Tea? When #TeaToxing Can Become #TeaToxic

6. Stinging Nettle Tea
Relieve It With An Herb: Stinging Nettle Tea For Gout

7. Jesuit's Tea
Jesuit's Tea To Improve Digestion

8: Ginger Tea
Regenerative Properties Of Ginger Tea

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