Would You Try Fire Cupping Therapy?

by Linden Schaffer, Pravassa.com

This article was originally posted on Pravassa.com—a wellness travel agency—as "We're Obsessed: Fire Cupping Therapy," and is reposted with permission from the author.  

Cupping, a traditional Eastern medicine form of healing, has shown up in Western spa treatments as of late, prescribed for: allergies, common cold, inflammation, muscle tension, and respiratory issues. Typically applied to the back of the body, the practitioner lights a piece of cotton and places it inside a small glass container removing all the oxygen. The container is then applied to your bare skin where suction is created as the air cools.

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I was first introduced to cupping after contracting a cough while traveling during the winter season in Vietnam. After one intense treatment my cough started to subside and my lungs began to clear up.

My Fire Cupping Experience in Hue, Vietman


What do you when it's monsoon season and you're feeling under the weather? Spend the day at the spa of course! I was lucky enough to be in residence at the high-end Ana Mandara resort in Hue, Vietnam, when I opted for a 4-hour treatment called the "Vietnamese Romance."

Billed as a balancing treatment, the package incorporated time in the steam room and sauna, traditional Vietnamese cupping, a 60-minute massage, (given by a therapist with wonderfully strong hands), a rejuvenating facial, culminating with a 60-minute reflexology session. Yes, I was a walking rag doll after this day of ultimate self-care. 

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Spa Options Are a Key Component of Wellness Travel


With as much as I travel it's hard to beat the quality, service, and value of ritual healing treatments in Asia. Couple the treatments with the Feng Shui design typically provided in sustainable environments and organic products you better believe I never head out on a wellness travel vacation without considering the spa options.                  

Linden Schaffer is a wellness travel expert and the founder of Pravassa, a wellness travel agency. Click here to request this wellness experience be added to your Hue customWELL itinerary from Pravassa.

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