5 Personal Genetic Services To Sequence Your DNA

by Dr Jonathan D'Souza
Preventive genetic testing is a mystifying idea for the everyday person; however, the process of mapping your genes in order to identify possible likeliness of illness is becoming more and more common.

Take the case of Angelina Jolie who decided to undergo a preventive double mastectomy based on the insights gained from a genetic test. Her choice was based on her abnormally high genetic predisposition for breast cancer (an estimated 87 percent) and ovarian cancer (an estimated 50 percent).

If you’ve considered having your genes mapped and analyzed, there are several options that you can choose from. While you can definitely learn about the health problems you could get in the future, these personal genetic services will often reveal things about your ancestry.

1. 23andMe

Perhaps one of the best-known personal genetics firm, 23andMe lets you explore your genetic history by ordering a spit kit for $99. Once you receive the kit, you register and spit into a container. After you have mailed back your sample for testing, it takes six to eight weeks for your results to be analyzed. After the analysis is done, you can take advantage of 23andMe’s relative finder service to learn about your ancestry besides learning about your disease risk.

2. DNA Ancestry

This $99 DNA test provided by Ancestry.com focuses on your family’s origins. It boasts of a database of 10 billion entries and 34 million family trees. However, while most other tests emphasize on health, DNA ancestry lays more emphasis on family origin.

3. Gene By Gene

The tests offered by Gene by Gene come in different price ranges from a $195 non-legal DNA profile to a $950 forensic-infidelity test. It's tests come for specific circumstances such as 'Paternity Peace of Mind', 'Complex Family Reconstruction' and 'Twin-Zygosity'.

4. deCODE Genetics

More than half a million people's genetic information is in Iceland-based deCODE Genetics' database. This deCODE Genetics' database charges $1,100 to genotype roughly 1 million single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs).

5. Gene Planet

A UK-based service offers insight into preventable diseases for a cost of €499. Gene Planets recommends its service to people with a history of specific diseases, people who take medications regularly and those interested in adjusting their duties.

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