Wake Up Easier With These 7 Little Life Hacks

by Myla Cruz

Having a plan in place for a busy day ahead is one way to set the tone for successs. Here are 7 simple, life hacks to help you wake up ready and refreshed:

1. Before Bed, Prep for the Following Day

Every night is an opportunity to gameplan for the day ahead. Take the  time to choose an outfit, to make sure you have quick breakfast options available, to check your calendar, and to do anything else that frees up your morning.  

2. Set an Alarm That Makes You Happy, Not Grumpy

The tone of your day is set from the moment it starts, which is why you need to change that annoying default-alarm for one that makes you feel good. To get hyped for early morning exercise, we recommend any track from this Spotify playlist crafted to pump you up while you run

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3. Get Noisy! Move Around

One of the major differences between the goal of actually staying asleep or genuinely becoming “awake” is the state of your environment. Once you’ve got ten toes on the ground, bust open the blinds, play some music on your phone or laptop and start moving. Your mind will respond to these changes by shedding feelings of sluggishness and exhaustion. 

4. Brew Coffee or Tea and Sip At Your Leisure 

It’s no secret that the aroma of coffee actually aids in waking the senses, so set the timer on your machine, or have the pour-over set and ready. PS, new studies have linked caffeine to heart health, so have a second cup if you need it!

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5. Try Taking a Shot of Apple Cider Vinegar, Too

Raw and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar from brands such as Bragg have been linked to a number of positive effects on the body. Apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss, and also is a great way to cleanse your system after waking up. 

6. Stre-e-e-tch! 

Committing to stretching in the morning can do a number of things for your health and physique, according to a breakdown of perks by the Mayo Clinic. Committing about 15 minutes in the morning to healthy and proper stretching will wake up your muscles while easing tension and stress...and it feels so good, too.

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7. Lastly, Top Off Your Morning With an Invigorating Splash of Cold Water

Researchers have a lot to say about cold water exposure—it can help burn fat, boost the immune system and help battle depression. Just 90 seconds of cold water exposure in the morning—broken down here—will help your day start with an splash.

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Know of other fresh ways to wake up feeling fantastic? Share them in the comments below. 

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