5 Unexpected Benefits Of Going On A Health Cleanse

by Brandon Topp

Have you ever tried a cleanse? There's a zillion out there — juice cleanses, detox diets, the latest celebrity craze cleanse — and plenty of confusing information out there. But when an expert nutritionist comes out with a cleanse, we sit up an pay attention. And on our radar right now is The Hot Detox Plan, a new book and an original detox-cleanse and healthy living philosophy crafted by nutritionist Julie Daniluk — host of Z Living’s popular show Healthy Gourmet.

Daniluk created her cleanse using ancient food-warming practices and a broad understanding of anti-inflammatory ingredients. The benefits are for everyone, but especially for anyone who suffer from allergies, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal imbalance, or more. Check out more about the book and cleanse at TheHotDetoxPlan.com.

Cleanses are perceived as wellness and body tune-ups, but they can do even more. Here's what Daniluk told us about some unexpected benefits of trying a cleanse:

1. Cleanses Can Help You Improve Your Focus. 

Just to embark on a detox, you need to commit to focusing on it for an extended period of time — in the case of Daniluk's plan, 21 days. Daniluk tells Z Living, “see [the cleanse] from a positive light; see that this act is about self-love, and then you’re much more likely to stick with it.” By sticking with a cleanse, you'll also develop focus and commitment skills. 

Additionally, Daniluk reflected on personal experiences of her mother taking refined sugars and other inflammatories out of her diet as a child, and it resulting in better focus and performance at school. Eliminating those types of inflammatory ingredients is a pivotal part of The Hot Detox Plan

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2. Cleanses May Cure Digestive Problems. 

Daniluk’s path to constructing The Hot Detox Plan began with a stomach illness she contracted traveling in Thailand. The nutritionist alleviated it by closely monitoring her diet, but couldn’t get to a place where her digestion felt perfect. She always felt bloated, and struggled with indigestion.

While searching for a full cure to her digestive problems, she visited a holistic doctor who specialized in traditional Chinese medicine. The doctor told her she needed to only eat warm meals for three months. The idea shocked the salad-and-smoothie loving nutritionist, but served to educate her about how warm foods are easier to digest. And the suggestion did end up curing Daniluk’s problems. It also became the platform on which Daniluk built her new book.

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3. Chopping And Cooking Veggies & Fruits May Increase The Level Of Nutrients You Can Get From Them.

One of the benefits of chopping and cooking fruits and vegetables — both major parts of Hot Detox recipes — is that the action breaks up the cellulose walls found them, cell walls which hold in rich nutrients. Daniluk believes these released nutrients, consumed in the company of a high-end olive oil, go a long way toward getting the absolute most out of your food. “Cooked tomatoes are way more powerful than raw tomatoes for fighting prostate cancer,” Daniluk tells Z Living. The same concept applies for heating or chopping other vegetables and fruits with cancer-fighting nutrients—peppers, broccolli, berries, etc.

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4. Detoxes Can Save Your Body Major Hassles. 

The whole concept of a cleanse or detox is to rid your body of toxins, but it’s also ridding your body of the hassle of disposing of those toxins. Inflammatory foods like refined sugar, flour, and corn cause swelling and irritation in your digestive tract, which can strain your bowels and overall health. 

“[Refined] sugar is a credit card that when inserted in your body, makes you take a massive nutritional withdrawal, just to handle those empty calories,” Daniluk tells Z Living. Taking a cleanse like The Hot Detox Plan liberates your body from wasting valuable nutrients on processing worthless, harmful calories like those that come with inflammatory ingredients. 

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5. Cleanses May Offer Pain Relief. 

Daniluk told us how her stomach pains were relieved from The Hot Detox Plan, but she’s not the only one to swear by its pain-relieving qualities. Part 2 of the book begins with a testimonial from a woman named Kelly S.K. and it reads as follows, “You have turned my life around. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2007 shortly after the birth of our second daughter. I had difficulty walking, and my hands were swollen and painful.” The testimonial explains how prescription painkillers she received from doctors were only temporarily helpful, but after doing the 21-day program, she experienced wonderful results. She continues down the page, “Since your programs, I’ve run two full marathons… as well as several half marathons.” So, it seems safe to assume her pain had subsided. 

Visit TheHotDetoxPlan.com for your free book bonuses. Connect with Julie on Facebook at Julie Daniluk and on Twitter @juliedaniluk

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