6 Cheers To A Hangover-Free New Year

by Z Living Staff

Most New Year soirees come with free-flowing drinks, and the morning after comes with a nasty hangover. The only real way to avoid one is to skip the drinks altogether. But we’re not suggesting you do that. It’s the season to be jolly, after all. So we’re giving you fool-proof tips instead, which will help prevent or ease out a pounding head.

1. A Glass Of Water For Every Glass Of Alcohol
Sure, drinking water the next day helps revive and detox the system. But if you do it during your alcohol spree, it helps minimize or even prevent the hangover. As a rule of thumb, have one glass of water for every glass of alcohol you consume.

2. Nibble On
If you’re skipping food to make up for the extra calories you’re drinking, it’s a bad idea. Drinking on an empty stomach causes alcohol to absorb faster, which results in higher levels of intoxication. If you really want to enjoy your drink, make sure you get some dinner, too.

3. Dark Drinks vs Light Drinks
The drink you choose also affects how you will feel the morning after. Darker drinks such as rum, bourbon or red wine contain congeners that render a deeper flavor, aroma and a higher level of toxicity. Lighter drinks, such as white wine and vodka, would be easier on your health.

4. The Burnt Toast Trick
This works well as prevention as well as an after-care. Toast some brown bread until it is slightly darkened, and eat it before your drinking spree. Partially burnt toast contains carbon, which is known to filter the alcohol and absorb it. You can also have it the next morning to calm a hangover.

5. Yoga & Light Exercise
With a throbbing head, you may not particularly be in the mood for a workout, but it can actually help you feel better. Breathing during a yoga routine gets the oxygen flowing and the blood pumping, thus cleansing the body. Mild exercises like walking and soaking in the sun help release endorphin, which elevates the mood.

6. Morning-After Food
If you feel extremely dehydrated after your drinking session, it’s because alcohol is a diuretic and causes loss of water. You also lose important minerals like potassium and magnesium in the process. Clearly then, you must replenish these elements. Start your day with ginger tea, which will hydrate you and relieve an upset stomach. Coconut water also works, as it hydrates and tops up the potassium content. Scrambled eggs on toast, anyone? Eggs contain cysteine, which helps break down the alcohol content in your blood, leaving you fresher to take on the New Year.

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