Ask The Doctor: How Do I Safely Remove Ear Wax At Home?

by Dr. Jonathan D'Souza

Q: How do I safely remove ear wax at home?

A: ‘While a build-up of wax in the ears is quite common, sometimes it could cause a number of hearing problems due to the obstruction of the ear canal. Excess of ear wax could also cause an ear infection and result in great discomfort.

Here are a few safe methods to easily remove ear wax at home:

  • Pour a bit of warm water in the affected ear, leave it for a few seconds and let it drain out. Make sure that you use clean water which is not too hot. Hot water can damage the ear and increase the chances of an infection.
  • Another safe method is to put three to four drops of hydrogen peroxide in the affected ear with a sterilized dropper. Drain it out after a minute. You can purchase a vial of hydrogen peroxide from your local medical store.

If the ear pain persists, consult a doctor to check for an ear infection or eardrum perforation.

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