Best Treatments For Anoragasmia

by Sumdima Rai

In this episode of Dueling Doctors, show host Dr Frank Spinelli invites Dr Kevin Campbell, MD, Cardiologist, and Dr Kristine Gedroic, MD, Naturopath, to discuss how anoragasmia can be treated best.

Anoragasmia is the inability to have an orgasm. It is characterized by a regular difficulty in reaching orgasm even with adequate sexual stimulation. It affects both men and women, but has a 3:1 ratio for women versus men.

Conventional Western Medicine
Dr Kevin Campbell goes about his treatment for anoragasmia by addressing the first critical question: Is it a physiological or a psychiatric problem? In other words, is there a problem with the sex organs or with the signals in the brain that produce sex hormones which is purely a physiological reason? Or is the nature of the problem psychiatric with the patient having suffered sexual trauma in the past? Identifying the root cause of anoragasmia is the key to successful diagnosis and treatment. He recommends Viagra and Cialis, which have proved to be a beneficial treatment for anoragasmia. However, he believes that even though the problem may be physiological in nature, the psychological component associated with it should be treated as well.

Natural Holistic Medicine
Dr Kristine also readily agrees with Dr Kevin’s approach to identifying the cause of anoragasmia as physiological or psychiatric first. She recommends St John’s Wort herb to treat mild to moderate depression. To treat the psychiatric cause of anoragasmia, she recommends myofascial release massage therapy. Maca root herb is also great for increasing the libido.

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