6 Times ‘The Big Fat Truth’ Astonished Everyone Watching

by Nancy Offerman

Throughout the six-episode first season of The Big Fat Truth, there have been a lot of powerful and special moments. From individuals achieving awe-inspiring, odds-defying weight-loss numbers, to the surprise arrival of special guests, and an exciting global challenge, it was a big year for this new original series. 

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Looking back on the season, JD Roth's one bit of plant-based wisdom proved to go a long way. And to show that, we broke down six life-changing moments from this season of The Big Fat Truth

1. Curtis Bray Loses 107 lbs In 90 Days

On the pilot episode of our hit original series The Big Fat Truth, host JD Roth reunited with former contestants from The Biggest Loser who had regained their lost-weight since the last show. He put them each on a whole-food, plant-based diet, and one of the most baffling transformations came from Curtis Bray.

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2. Chef Wes’ Miraculous Triglyceride Drop 

A healthy triglyceride count is around 150, and Chef Wes came on the show at a whopping 646! Roth’s diet plan quickly remedied that, dropping Chef Wes’ dangerous triglyceride count nearly 500 points in just ten days!

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3. 4 Diabetics Reversed Their Disease On One Episode

The headline says it all here, as one of the most astonishing abilities of a whole-food, plant-based diet, is its ability to reverse Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. 

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4. Dr. Greger Dropped In

Considered the leading expert on plant-based diets in the world, author of the best-selling book How Not To Die, Dr. Greger came onto The Big Fat Truth twice this season to offer his wisdom. The team of JD Roth and Dr. Greger created a force for bad habits to reckon with, resulting in some of the show’s most groundbreaking episodes. 

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5. Heidi Powell Worked Out With The Moms

Dr. Greger wasn’t the only health and wellness expert to drop in on season one of The Big Fat Truth. In week six’s moms episode, transformation specialist Heidi Powell dropped by to offer a special workout for the moms in training. 

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6. The Big Fat Challenge Took Off

The best part of The Big Fat Truth is that it spreads a message of health and wellness that can change and save lives. So, we packaged the formula for the diets and health tips offered to guests on the show and presented it to the world to try. Over 20,000 people have already signed up for The Big Fat Challenge, and signing up here, you can too! 

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