Learn The Art Of Portion Control From A Weight Loss Expert

by The Z Living Editors

There’s a reason the phrase, “your eyes are bigger than your stomach,” is an old adage. Food portions have increased a ton in the last few decades, which has over-inflated our idea of how much is enough. This portion control issue makes it that much harder to diet, lose weight, and make sure you’re eating a healthy diet of the right food groups and nutrients.

Weight loss can’t happen if you’re overeating. JD Roth, former executive producer of The Biggest Loser, has spent years correcting people’s ideas on what and how much to eat. Now he’s back, hosting Z Living's newest unscripted series The Big Fat Truth. Check out a clip from the show below, learn more about The Big Fat Truth here, and see where you can tune in. Catch new episodes Sundays at 8pm.

In order to start eating the right portions, it’s important to use tricks to teach your body and your brain what the right amount of food is to make you feel full, instead of overstuffed. In Roth’s book The Big Fat Truth, he recommends a few different strategies—that he also uses successfully on the show—to help anyone learn portion control for good.

Here's The Big Fat Truth Host JD Roth's Top 3 Portion Control Tips:

1. Just Eat Half

In his book, Roth proposes an easy way to start getting used to portion control. When you’re eating at home for any meal, go ahead and load up your plate with everything you normally would. Go crazy! Now take that plate and cut every single food group in half. Put that half to the side before you eat. Eat your meal that’s left over and then go outside for a thirty-minute walk. It’s just a half hour, no big deal.

Once you’re back from your walk, ask yourself, “Am I hungry anymore?” If you’re really hungry—like, would-eat-anything hungry—then go ahead and finish that other half. Most people find that they’re actually not hungry at all. Bonus? You’ve got leftovers for tomorrow!

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2. Play With Perception

As you’re getting used to portion control, one easy way to practice is to make your food take up less space. How do you do this? Get rid of all your big dinner plates. Seriously, lock them up for formal use or toss them out. After you do that, start using small salad plates for every meal. Fill your plate without overfilling it.

When the plate is smaller, your brain will process the smaller amount of food as more filling. You’ll be eating a perfectly filling portion of food that would’ve looked small on your huge dinner plate.

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3. Take It To Go

Restaurants are notoriously tricky with their portions and preparation. For example, most restaurants use a ton of butter to cook everything, even vegetables. Be wary of this, and the size of your meals. 

Now that you’re portion controlling, make sure to always pack up half your restaurant-meal to go. If you have self-control issues when dining out, you can even ask the kitchen to pack half the meal to-go ahead of time, so that you’re only forced reckon with the food you need.

If you still feel hungry, you can always order a side of greens to go. And on days when you do deserve a reward, you don’t need to feel bad about getting dessert, just make sure to take half of that to go, too!

Watch The Big Fat Truth Sundays at 8PM, with special encore presentations Tuesdays at 8PM.

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