News From The American Cancer Society Inspires Hope

by Myla Cruz

Today, cancer still stands as the second leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States following behind heart disease. However, the latest news to stem from the American Cancer Society (ACS) brings a rare shining light, as reports show fewer Americans are dying from cancer, and the numbers keep dropping.

The latest statistics show a 25 percent drop in cancer deaths within America since 1991, which was the country’s peak year for cancer deaths.

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The ACS regards innovations in health, wellness and medical breakthroughs such as advanced screening and better treatments as a defining factor for the lowering rates, as well as the decrease in known cancer-causing habits such as smoking and excessive drinking. According to the report, those diagnosed with cancer are not only living longer on average, but enjoying more full and authentic lives due to innovations made in cancer treatments.  

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"The continuing drops in the cancer death rate are a powerful sign of the potential we have to reduce cancer's deadly toll," explained Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer for the ACS, in an NBC news piece.

"From 1991 to 2014, the overall cancer death rate dropped 25 percent, translating to approximately 2,143,200 fewer cancer deaths than would have been expected if death rates had remained at their peak," the report reads.

The report goes on to explain that over the past three decades, the five-year relative survival rate for all cancers combined has increased up to 24 percent for all all diagnosed with the illness, making prevention and survival a genuine reality. 

Clearly, healthy living has made a difference in saving millions of lives. Watch daring couples battle to improve their health and wellness before tying the knot on Z Living’s Altar’d. 

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