Want To Change The Day You Die? Tune In To Z Living

by The Z Living Editors
Would you change the way you live your life if you knew the day you were going to die?

What if you were told that your most convenient lifestyle habits were reducing your longevity, as well as the health of those around you - would you have the strength to change?

Change The Day You Die (which premieres July 5, and airs Tuesdays at 9PM EST) is an investigation into the lives of women and men who are just like you - grandparents, spouses, hardworking professionals, and stay-at-home parents. Perhaps like you, these less than happy women and men carry a dangerous degree of stress, which has taken a major toll on their bodies. 

Roz, shown right, is a 28-year-old mother single mom with a family history of heart disease and a smoking addiction. Her a sedentary lifestyle and a love of fatty foods has taken a toll on her health, possibly stealing valuable years from her life. When she cancelled her wedding to her long-time boyfriend, (because she was unhappy by her appearence in her own wedding dress) her friends staged an intervention.

"I just saw a picture of her when she was 22 and she's stunning, and I look at her now and I think [that] she's aged a lot. And I look at her now and...it hurts me to think what she's going to be like when she's 50," says a friend.

Dr. Adam Carey PhD, a sports nutrition consultant, and Patricia Mitchell, a life coach, share the piercing truth about Roz's predicted longevity: She will live 25 fewer years than her desired age if she continues on the path that she is on.

Can she make the change?

Fnd out these answers and more by tuning in. Each episode offers practical lifestyle advice that ultimately helps both audiences  (and the show participants) live a happier and healthier lives. You'll meet women and men just like you, and you may even find the courage to change the day you die.

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