What To Do When Nobody Believes You’re Sick

by Phillip Soloway

It’s an unpleasant feeling when nobody believes you’re sick. It’s even more of a bummer, when that illness is ruining, or threatening your life. This happens on our series Desperate For A Miracle, which follows the real-life inspiring stories of people who beat the odds by turning to alternative methods to fight deadly diseases. 

Check out Desperate For A Miracle to find out how these brave individuals persevere. Find out where you can tune in.

The Incredible Story Of Rita Jones

On Desperate For A Miracle, a woman named Rita Jones recounts a time in her life when she was mysteriously overtaken by chronic nausea, random rashes, difficulty breathing, and dramatic weight loss. She nearly lost her life to this mysterious illness, because doctors couldn’t diagnose it, and some allergy specialists even asked her to leave the hospital, when Jones was at her worst.

Doubt about the actual severity and intensity of Jones’ symptoms, and a lack of investigative insight from doctors almost resulted in her death. Luckily, a nurse named Claudine helped Jones find an environmental medicine doctor, who was quickly able to see what was really happening.

To find out how Rita Jones faired, check out Desperate For A Miracle. Find out where you can tune in.

Alternative Medicine & Naturopathic Doctors

Environmental medicine—the ultimate saving grace of Rita Jones—is considered an alternative type of medicine, which sometimes can be the answer to mysterious illnesses. If conventional doctors can’t recognize what’s wrong with you, but there’s undoubtedly something going on, then it might be worth looking at alternative experts who specialize in an area relevant to your symptoms

The fact is, the spectrum of things that can happen to your body is broader than any single medicinal school of thought has proven to master. If you’re suffering from something a western physician can’t diagnose, look to a naturopathic doctor or alternative specialist. If you’re suffering from something that your alternative doctor can’t address, seek out a more conventional practitioner. 

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Research, Research, Research

Rita Jones’ saving grace was her friend and nurse Claudia, who found her eventual environmental-medicine doctor by researching alternative medicines. The starting point tends to be research, and luckily there are a lot of professionals and philosophies out there. At the same time, there are also a lot of half-baked, illegitimate resources out there too, so be diligent and do your homework. 

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Be Open To All Possibilities

If you have an illness and nobody believes you, it’s just one of the most frustrating and frightening things that can happen. Don’t make the same mistakes as your peers, and stay open to all options and possibilities—including the hope of getting better. There are so many places to look for help, so just keep at it! 

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